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Increase Leads & Sales FAST with Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

Alphagraphics EDDM MailboxLooking at your numbers and not seeing the sales and growth you know are possible? EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) can help you see a quick upturn in leads and sales.  Because no list is needed, it is as simple as creating an effective mail piece and getting it to the post office. Working with Alphagraphics means even faster turn-around because we are experts at working with EDDM and the USPS. We can even help you design a powerful and effective direct mail piece that will drive high ROI.

Focusing on your neighborhood is the perfect way to increase foot traffic, expand your customer base, and generate revenue for your company.  According to BizReport (April 2010), the average consumer spends 85% of their disposable income within five miles of their home. One way you can reach these customers quickly and affordably is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), a program created by the U.S. Postal Service© (USPS).  EDDM enables businesses of all sizes to target customers in specific geographic areas by ZIP code or city, and even specific neighborhoods or carrier routes. Because it uses a simplified addressing format (for example, “Local Postal Customer”) there is no need to purchase or rent a list with names and addresses. EDDM mailings are distributed directly by USPS letter carriers as supplements along with that day’s mail to every door your business wants to reach — for as little as 17.5 cents postage per piece for EDDM - Retail.

When To Use EDDM

  • When your target audience is geographically based. If you’re marketing to a select audience of people, all confined within a specific geographic area, nothing beats an EDDM campaign. This is an optimal investment for brick and mortar stores and those businesses that are restricted by their location. Being able to “carpet bomb” local area neighborhoods with your advertisement ensures that the people seeing what you have to say are also the people who are most likely to take advantage of it.
  • When you’re looking for new customers. Email marketing is fine and dandy for reaching out to an audience you already know… but what about those people who don’t know you or your business? Rather than spending countless dollars on pre-compiled customer lists or ramping up your digital marketing to find new customers, why not use a good ‘ol EDDM campaign to make some new friends for your business?
  • When you have a time-based event. People can go for days or even weeks without checking their inboxes online, but one thing’s for sure: everybody gets their mail on a daily basis. If you’re advertising a limited time offer or have time restrictions on something you’re marketing, you want to make sure that people see that message as soon as possible. EDDM puts your message in the hands of customers when they need to see it, not after the fact or days down the line.
  • When you want to reach a large audience on a small budget. It’s the age old question of “how can I get the most stuff for the lowest cost?” Generally, you’d end up finding a compromise that either leaves you paying more than you want to or getting less than you desire—with an EDDM campaign, there’s no compromise at all! EDDM campaigns are highly cost effective and cover a huge swatch of geographic area, giving you more for less.
  • When you’re coordinating campaigns. If you’re a seasoned marketer, you understand the effectiveness of cross platform and multi-level marketing. This means complementing your marketing efforts on every front possible, including physical advertising. Many marketers forget that direct mail is a staple they can rely on and with an EDDM campaign supplementing your email blast, PPC ads, radio spots and more, you’ll reach a wider audience with a more cohesive message.

You Can Use EDDM For Your Business Goals

  1. Extend an Invitation – Invite the neighborhood to a grand opening or a newly renovated or expanded space.
  2. Send a Special Incentive – Create a unique “Neighborhood-Only” offer or coupon to make local customers feel valued and appreciated. Analysis by Scarborough Research found coupons received by consumers via direct mail have a 35% redemption rate.
  3. Announce Special Events – Let locals know about clearance sales, anniversary celebrations or holiday promotions. Is there always something happening at your place? Send them a schedule of events so that they know what’s not to be missed.
  4. Publicize Your Community Involvement – Demonstrate your commitment to the community by letting them know about your participation in community events such as sidewalk sales, charity auctions and local fundraisers.
  5. Give Them the Basics - Highlight your hours of operation, include a copy of your menu, provide details about your services, where you are located, etc. Let them know how and when they can find you.


  1. Low cost. 17.5 cents per piece postage, no mailing list is required
  2. Typically target customers within 5 to 10 miles from your business, but can send anywhere
  3. Fast deployment. Sales slow today? Send out EDDM tomorrow
  4. Easy to execute. No list scrubbing can walk right up a USPS retail window to drop off
  5. No permit required for EDDM retail – mailing under 5,000
  6. Variety of sizes. Allows large card size mailings to larger formats for better responses
For more information on EDDM, visit our page All About EDDM. 

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