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New Year, New Calendar

It’s the start of a new year! So why not give your employees and customers new 2018 calendars that are customized with your company logo? AlphaGraphics in downtown San Francisco can help you produce this! Below are some of the calendar styles that AlphaGraphics can design and print for you.

Standard Wall Calendars

Standard wall calendars are the calendars where each month is on two pages. The top page for each month would consist of image. The bottom page for each month would consist of the actual table view of the month. This type of calendar typically is posted on a wall.  

Three Month View Calendars

Three month view calendars are calendars that have three months per page. This type of calendar allows you to reference the past month while you plan for the current and future month. Typically, the orientation of the months is vertical (one month on top of the other) so that it is easy to follow when posted on the wall. Although, a three month view calendar can also be horizontal.  

Magnetic Calendars

Magnetic calendars are calendars that have all 12 months printed on a magnet. This type of calendar is great for sticking on metal file cabinets or refrigerators.  

Desk Pad Calendars

Desk pad calendars are calendars that have one page per month. Pages are often perforated at the top to make them easy to tear off at the turn of the month. This type of calendar is typically approximately 22" wide x 17" deep and is laid on top of a desk.  

Tent calendars

Tent calendars are calendars that can stand on top of a desk, table, shelf, etc. It is called a “tent” calendar because the shape of it is similar to the shape of a triangular tent. The bottom of the triangle lays on the tabletop, while the sides of the triangle make up the front and back of the calendar. This type of calendar usually has one page per month. AlphaGraphics Financial District offers offset printing services, digital printing services, graphic design services, marketing solutions, and large format printing services. For more information on printing and designing calendars in Downtown San Francisco, the Financial District, or Civic Center, contact us today! Fill out a Request a Quote form online or call us at (415) 781-4910.

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