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A large university needed to send a number of promotional items to their incoming class. They were concerned about packaging and delivery.


We assembled a variety of promotional items into a set of packages, added printed collateral, print envelopes using the university supplied list and delivered finished mailers to the Post Office. The project was completed on time and on budget.

A local school came to us for advice for generating "oomph" for their holiday card.

We designed a card that utilized our Digital 5th Color technology, white ink on black stock, but utilized the traditional image on the cover. This created a wonderful visual on the card while offering the user traditional imagery. The client received positive feedback from people who received the card.


A large medical practice was opening a new office and needed signage and decoration for its new building.


AlphaGraphics provided a turnkey solution to the customer. We assisted in choosing images, designed and printed directional signs, acrylic images and wall signs and installed all of these as well. There were over a 100 overall signs that were printed and installed in the medical facility. 

A multi location practice needed a simple way for its staff to order its collateral, including forms, appointment cards, business cards etc. It was complicated by the fact that not all doctors worked at all of the locations. It was critical to showcase all of the locations, but also create collateral that allowed the user to choose locations per doctor. 

Our solution was to create a custom web print portal that allowed the user to choose the doctor and the facility through a series of preformatted drop downs and therefore avoid user error. The client has been very impressed and has actively used the web portal


Client needed signage, including floor and wall graphics in a warehouse environment. Signage needed to be non slip and in high traffic areas.


AlphaGraphics designed and printed signs using AlumiGraphics, a material designed for warehouses and outdoor applications. It is non-slip and works extremely well in tough environments. The wall graphics were created for cement walls and look and feel great.


Realtor firm needed its over 20 realtors to create a monthly mailing card. Existing processes were difficult, which meant many realtors did not create the monthly card


AlphaGraphics moved the entire process online. Working with the client, the online platform used the Realtor firm branding while providing agents with the options to pick and choose mailer format, pictures, text, font etc including options of co-listing. AlphaGraphics also verified the mailing list against the USPS approved software. Once designs were set up, AlphaGraphics printed the cards, bundled them and delivered them to the Post Office

Marketing firm needs concept boards to be printed per their design and delivered on a pre set schedule every week. Concept boards would need to hold weighted objects that the client would affix to the concept boards.

AlphaGraphics worked with the client to find the right laminate that would support the weighted objects as well as be the right brightness. We also set up a ordering process with timelines and schedules that allowed us to meet the client needs. The products were then placed on a custom web print portal that simplified the ordering process from the client and AlphaGraphics point of view


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