Modern Stand

These modern stands offer a stylish choice for any solid sign substrates. Each of the feet includes screw holes to hold your artwork in place, and are compatible with both single-sided and double-sided graphics.

Product Options: ½" Stand, ¼" Stand, Adjustable Stand
Size: 6", 8", 12 ⅝"


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  • Details
    • ¼" standup (6")
    • ½" standup (12 ⅝")- for signs 4ft tall and under
    • Just adjustable standup (two 8" pieces) Requires bolts, bot holes are ¼" in diameter
    • ½" Jumbo satndup 16 ⅜") for signs over 4ft tall
  • More Information
    Color Black                                                        
    Finish Powder coated
    Material Steel
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