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Promoting You Company With Branded Apparel

Branded Apparel

Giveaways. Promotions. Rewards. You’ve probably heard of these before, but what do they mean when it comes to your company? These revolve around the idea of your company giving away specific products to attract customers. However, people are not just intrigued by products that can be placed on their desks. Instead, interest is piqued by what branded apparel they can wear.

Business Person With Branded ApparelThe Importance of Fashion

In order to gain recognition, your company needs to find a way to be seen and stand out. What better way to accomplish this than by selling your very own apparel? AlphaGraphics gives you the necessary tools to create your company’s vision for your choice of apparel. Employees are expected to look presentable and build brand recognition while working. Since employees are representatives of your company, provide them with apparel that displays your business logo and their name. Customers with questions will immediately know who to turn to. Company apparel also promotes your business and products while simultaneously building professionalism. Take advantage of face-to-face interactions with apparel reflecting your company's key branding and identity messages. If you want to keep your business running with returning customers, keep your company’s name at the center of attention. Doing this will build brand recognition, while also ensuring increased traffic toward your business.

Custom Branded ApparelApparel: What Fits You?

AlphaGraphics offers a wide range of apparel. Our products are best purchased in bulk, which is more cost-efficient. Feel free to come in and get a quote, based on your desired materials and the work you would like done. Apparel Printing is best broken up into 2 steps:
  1. Choose your product. We have a wide variety of products to choose from, including shirts (button-up, crew-neck, v-neck, tank, baseball tee, long-sleeved, etc.), hoodies (zippered or pullover), hats, bags, etc. Before ordering, feel free to come look at our catalogs in-store, which are filled with examples of our items.
  2. Deciding where to place your printed design is important. Designs can go in several locations on the apparel. Make sure to view the catalog if you’re wondering about placement. Printed clothing tags can be replaced or customized with your brand.

Tips for Apparel

Do Not Exaggerate

All items sold should have significant value to your customers. Remember to plan ahead when it comes to sales and the space needed to store the products.

Be Creative

The merchandise you sell should be desirable to everyone who sees it. The more unique the product, the more appealing it is to customers, making it more likely to sell.

Room For Improvement

Ever heard of the saying “less is more”? When it comes to the merchandise you plan on selling, more is best. It is safer and more effective to have 10% more product than you need, just in case you sell out.

Apparel: Fitted for Your Business

Apparel is a great way for your business to market itself. Whether you plan on using the apparel to brand your business through the shirts your employees wear or selling unique shirts with your company’s logo, consider apparel as one of the best ways to attract attention. Contact us today to talk to one of our branding and apparel experts. We would love to help you get noticed. We have a full-service graphic design team that is ready to be of assistance. Click here to request a quote.

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