Sign & Printing Solutions For Political Campaigning

From promotional products to signs, and everything in between, AlphaGraphics can provide all the print and digital materials you need to get your campaign rolling.

Campaign Solutions That Get You Noticed

As campaign season ramps up, it can be overwhelming to think about how to get your name in front of the competition. No matter the shape, size, or application, AlphaGraphics Rexburg specializes in large format printing and custom promotional materials that will get your business noticed. We offer a wide variety of sign and print solutions for all of your campaign needs, including posters and prints, signs and banners, backdrops, stickers and decals, pins, flyers and so much more. The possibilities of our campaign solutions are virtually limitless, so let our experts help design the perfect campaign collateral today.

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Postcards & Mailers: Deliver an eye-catching, easy-to-read message using Direct Mail or Every Door Direct Mail. This makes for a great way to get your campaign message out to the masses.

Signs & Banners: Make an impression with yard and site signs and banners. Ideal for street-level advertising, supporter engagement, or campaign branding.

Stickers & Decals: Create immersive campaign brand experiences with stickers and decals to increase awareness and reinforce your values.

Backdrops & Kiosks: Command attention in a press conference or other political event with displays, backdrops, table covers, and more.

Pins & Promo Products: Give your supporters the tools they need to show their support with pins and promotional products.

Flyers & Door Hangers: Give your current and future supporters the information they need to understand your values and political views with flyers, brochures and door hangers.

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Let's get your campaign off to a great start. Contact one of our experts at AlphaGraphics Rexburg and we can help you strategize all the campaign assets you will need to get noticed and get elected.

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Custom Political Backdrops


Grab as much attention with a custom printed backdrop that displays your campaign branding proudly. How can you grab their attention? Begin with a unique, visually appealing backdrop that boasts bright, compelling graphics and messaging.

Custom Banner Stands

Banner Stands

Press conference and event advertising are an investment in your campaign strategy. You want visitors to associate your displays with quality, ingenuity, and professionalism. AlphaGraphics can help.

Table Throws

Table Throws

Table throws are a quick way to brand any event.

Custom Political Yard Signs

Yard Signs

Kick off the campaign process right with yard and site signs that tell current and future supporters who to vote for.

Flyers and Door Hangers

Flyers & Door Hangers

Give your current and future supporters the information they need to understand your values and stance with custom designed flyers, brochures and door hangers.

Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design Services

Don't have someone on your staff that has an acute eye for detail and can design your campaign collateral in such a way that it is easily consumeable? Look no further because our expert designers can design up all of your collateral and signage.

Website Design Services

Website Design

Need your online presense to look just as good as your print and signage. We at AlphaGraphics can provide you with a website that gets your message out and is easy to navigate.

Direct Mail and Every Door Direct Mailers

Direct Mail & EDDMs

Direct mail and Every Door Direct Mail are some of the best ways to saturate an area and get your campaign message out to the masses.

Expand Your Search

Use customized signs along high-traffic roadways like freeways and main streets to bring in traffic from other areas.


Incorporate online touchpoints such as a URL or QR code into your signage, enabling viewers who are in a hurry to visit you later.

Capitalize on Crowds

Create location-specific signage for special occasions like parades, holidays, or trade shows to maximize traffic to your location when the crowds are near.


Ensure your signage reflects your unique brand promise and personality. Your signs are a direct reflection of your products, services, and quality of care.

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