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Why you Should Ditch Billboards And Get A Vehicle Wrap

We all know the feeling. You’re stopped at a red light that is taking forever. While not so patiently waiting, you stare at the corroding bumper sticker peeling off the old car in front of you. Or maybe, you glance over to see that billboard you’ve seen and mentally filtered out for the four hundredth time. Then, imagine when a car is stopped, they were able to look up and see your company’s logo, plastered on your company automobile. It would undeniably catch their attention. Whether it’s your company’s name and number in window vinyl, or your logo on a full vehicle wrap design on your company’s car, vehicle wrapping is the perfect way to advertise anywhere you go. At AlphaGraphics, we can effortlessly transform your company’s ride into a brand-promoting, logo-flashing, marketing experience.

Vehicle Wrap Installation Services | Rexburg, ID | AlphaGraphicsSay Goodbye to Billboards

Billboards can be a hassle. Typically, billboard contracts will last no longer than three months. Your company would have to undergo the inconvenience of continually renewing leases. Let’s not forget the annoyance and cost of design, material and installation fees associated with putting up a billboard. Once you’re finally satisfied with the look of it, your billboard lease will likely expire. So instead of having a stationary and inflexible way of advertising, invest in a vehicle wrap. Slap a vehicle wrap on your car, van, trailer, truck, bus, SUV or boat. Advertise your company anywhere you go. Your decked-out ride will be sure to turn heads, and will be an effective tool in helping people recognize your brand.

Cost Effective and Affordable

Vehicle wraps can save you some serious cash. Billboards can be expensive, especially as you compete with other companies for a spot. You often end up paying for a billboard that people become disinterested in within a few days, yet you pay for it. It can get pretty pricey. Plus, you run the risk of your advertisement being overshadowed by competitors with neighboring billboards. With a vehicle wrap, your message will be eye-catching and can get you a lot more coverage across the city, while just paying your one-time fee.


While billboards may get grainy and weathered, we guarantee our vehicle wrap installation to last at the minimum of 1 year. With renowned industry machinery at AlphaGraphics, our team members can help seal your designs and prevent your brand’s colors from fading.

Advertise Anywhere With A Vehicle WrapAdvertise With A Vehicle Wrap Anywhere | Rexburg, ID | AlphaGraphics

Street festivals, concerts and community events are great places to park your company car and display your logo. Whether you have a partial wrap, a full wrap, or just a window etching, AlphaGraphics will help your company get noticed, and get business. By boldly displaying your logo, tagline or contact information, your company vehicle will attract consumers and potential clients. At AlphaGraphics in Rexburg Idaho, our designers can help you step by step by laying out your business information. This detail work can be just what your company needs to stay ahead of the competition. Having the flexibility to move your advertising anywhere can help your company reach new clients that may not ever travel on the routes that a billboard may be planted.

Getting Started

So what are you waiting for? Ditch the expensive, stationary billboards, and put yours on wheels. Spice up your fellow commuters drive to work by transforming your company’s vehicle into a moving ad. By proudly displaying your company’s products and services, you’ll be able to easily market your business to hundreds of people each time you hit the road. Call us at (208) 356-0170 or request a quote below to get started today! [wpforms id="340" title="true"]

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