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15 Useful Promotional Products for Healthcare and How To Market Them

With so many different healthcare facilities all across the region, it’s important to promote your healthcare business in order to stand out above the rest; the competition is fierce even in our little town of Rexburg. The first step to properly promoting your healthcare business is to know exactly how to go about it. While the process can be different for every business, here are a few basic healthcare marketing tips to remember:
  • When branding, be consistent. Use the same logo or image on all of the promotional products. This will help those products to be more successful in drawing the patient back to your company. 
  • Utilize social media influencers when marketing health products. This is a fast and simple way to get your business out there into the community. 
  • Be aware of HIPPA laws while marketing your health care products.
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Promotional Products For Healthcare

Fortunately, there are many different promotional products that can be used to help potential patients choose you. Whichever aspect of healthcare you work in, there’s a large variety of fun promotional products that you can use to help your patients stay healthy and live a productive life, while also promoting your business. Below are 15 of those different products that AlphaGraphics in Rexburg can help you brand:
  1. Stress BallPromotional Healthcare Products | AlphaGraphics | Rexburg, Idaho
    • A stress ball is a great promotional product as it is cheap to purchase as well useful for clients. They come in many different shapes as well, including brains, capsules, teeth, hearts, lungs and any other thing that would help you promote your healthcare business, while also keeping stress levels down.
  2. Collapsible Water Bottle 
    • Collapsible water bottles are practical promotional products, as they are both cheap and useful. Your patients can keep these close by at all times, as they’re portable. Whenever they need water, they can reach for their branded water bottle and rehydrate, all while being reminded of your great healthcare business. 
  3. Digital Thermometer
    • By providing your patients with a branded digital thermometer, you become a little reminder that you’re there when they need it most. Every time one of your patients begin suffering from fever-like symptoms they will pull out their handy thermometer, which will then give them the answer they need. If they need professional medical attention, you will be the first that comes to mind. 
  4. Medicine Bottle Opener
    • Medicine bottle openers can be a great option as a promotional product, as it’s something that your patients will always have around. That becomes a repeat marketing opportunity. And another great upside to these handy little trinkets, they’re incredibly cheap to produce. 
  5. Portable Pill Cutter
    • A portable pill cutter is a very useful promotional product for your patients to have. This can be especially useful if your healthcare business works with pharmaceuticals. When the patient goes to cut the last of their pills, they’ll be reminded of you, and likely go to you for their pharmacy needs. 
  6. Mini Tissue Pack
    • As the weather gets colder and the noses start running, this promotional product will be a life saver for your patients. A branded mini tissue pack will be carried with them wherever they go. And if they end up getting a bad cold or the flu, you will be the first place they think of going for help. 
  7. Pocket-Size First Aid Kit
    • A branded pocket-sized first aid kit is portable, practical and cheap. Including bandages, gauze, burn cream, alcohol pads, medical tape and a few other simple medical supplies is a great example of how you, as a healthcare provider, will help them in the future. 
  8. Dental Kit
    • Medial kits don’t have to just be for emergencies; handing out dental kits can inspire your clients to keep better habits and remember your service. Providing them with a branded small box or bag filled with a toothbrush, floss, sugar-free gum, and lip-balm is a very practical giveaway. 
  9. Hot and Cold PackHealthcare Promotional Products | AlphaGraphics | Rexburg, Idaho
    • As the cold season is approaching us, hot and cold packs will be used more and more. By providing your patients with branded hot and cold packs you’ll help keep them warm as well as promoting your brand in an inexpensive way. 
  10. Daily Pill Case
    • By putting your logo on a 7-day daily pill case, your brand will be a part of their daily life. It also provides them with a way to keep their pills organized, which is a win-win for everyone. 
  11. Hand Sanitizer
    • A Hand sanitizer is always needed and useful, so by providing your patients with a hand sanitizer with your brand on it, you are promoting yourself as well as promoting healthy hygiene habits. 
  12. Desk Humidifier
    • A slightly more expensive, but completely worth-it promotional product, is a desk humidifier. By putting your logo on a humidifier that people can keep at their desks, you are becoming a part of their daily life while also providing a kind service. With the dry climate of Rexburg, a desk humidifier can help fight sickness, as well as dry itchy skin and chapped lips.
  13. Prescription Bag
    • Even the prescription bags that you hand your patients can be branded. For those healthcare providers that have a pharmacy, these will be a much-needed reminder for your patients to keep you as their choice of pharmaceuticals. 
  14. Bandage Dispenser
    • Branded bandage dispensers can be a smart marketing tool, as they are practical as well as less expensive. Not only can you brand the dispenser, but the bandages themselves. That way when your patients are wearing the bandage, it provides free advertising for all those who see it.
  15. Lip Balms 
    • Lip balms are essential with the seemingly constant wind of Rexburg, so why not provide your patients with a branded lip balm? They will be using it daily, if not more than that.
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