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5 Ways to Create Quality Healthcare Content on Social Media

In the medical field, it can seem difficult to create regular social media content. After all, healthcare isn’t as glamorous or showy as a sale at your favorite clothing store, or as mouth-watering as a promotion for pizza. These issues can make it hard to distinguish yourself and to create a voice in an already crowded market. Here are some ways to create quality healthcare content across your social media channels:


Some of the best social media posts are ones that educate your audience on relevant issues. Pay close attention to the news to see how disease and flu outbreaks or insurance policy changes might affect your audience’s healthcare experience. When your audience knows that you’re informed about pertinent topics and care about their well-being, they’ll have a more positive outlook towards your business. They will turn to you as a trusted source of industry news, not just because you made a funny advertisement.

Create Original Content

In addition to sharing news, great healthcare content provides emotional value to your audience. Post photos of industry events you attend, host contests and giveaways and show how you’re helping the public with your healthcare service. By encouraging interaction with your channel, you draw in user participation, as well as give them a better idea of the people who make up your healthcare provider.  People enjoy and connect with human interest stories, and knowing just who is helping them is important to them. Your followers are touched when they hear how your health care service is actually benefiting real people. When you are able to have influencers, who are passionate about your service and who actively post, it shows the effect and importance your healthcare has played in their lives. 

Build RelationshipsHealthcare Quality Content | AlphaGraphics | Rexburg, Idaho

Social media is a place to go to connect with loved ones. As a healthcare company, you bear the responsibility of being trusted to aid people’s loved ones. By taking the time to post consistently and quickly respond to comments, questions and concerns, you will help people will begin to form connections and loyalties to your healthcare company. Regular social media activity builds brand credibility and helps your healthcare service be top of mind for your customers. When you quickly respond with compassionate and helpful responses, people will know they can trust you in a time of crisis. As much as social media is to market to new customers, public relations plays a large part in strengthening your rapport with existing clients.

Actively Respond to Concerns through Social Listening

Social Listening is when companies actively search out what is being said about their brand over social media. Many times, people will post or tweet or comment after they’ve had a negative experience with a company. If this negative commentary gets a lot of attention, it can become a nightmare to manage public opinion. One of the best ways to combat this is have quick, helpful responses to these concerns. When someone posts an issue they’ve had, be sure to publicly comment and apologize for their experience. Then, encourage them to privately message them to sort through the issue so you can ask further clarifying questions. This lets everyone else who sees the post know that the company made an effort to resolve them. Many times, that person will then leave a positive review praising your company’s customer service.

Getting Started

At AlphaGraphics in Rexburg, Idaho, we don’t just print marketing materials, but our experienced marketing professionals help create quality social media content. Call us today at (208) 356-0170 or request a quote below to see how we can help your social media be more effective than ever. [wpforms id="340" title="true"]  

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