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Never Miss An Event With Custom Calendars

It seems like everyone is busy these days: rushing between jobs, home, school and businesses while still making time for extracurricular activities. With so much going on it can be easy to become overwhelmed, forget when you need to be where and miss important deadlines or life events. AlphaGraphics in Rexburg, Idaho, can help you prevent this from happening. Never miss another meeting, soccer game or deadline with custom-made calendars from AlphaGraphics so you can be everywhere that matters, when it matters.   

Customizable Options

We have a variety of creative solutions so that you can make your calendar customized to your needs. Your choices include: Wall, pocket, or desk formats: Whether you need your calendar visible in a central place or with you every minute, we can help you choose which format works best for your scheduling needs.  Personalization: Make your calendar truly yours with variable data, like personalized business days or customized holidays, that is customized to your business or life schedule.   Promotional Calendars: If you run a business, nothing grabs the attention of potential clients like a complementary calendar that bears your logo or slogan. Photos can make those calendars an even better gift and a memorable keepsake.  Original designs or unique templates: We have a variety of tasteful templates for you to choose from to make customizing your calendar as simple as possible. Our AlphaGraphics team members are always on hand to assist you in creating a customized design to add your own personality to any calendar.  Dry Erase: For an environmentally conscious and particularly versatile calendar, consider our dry erase options to create a reusable calendar that you can change at a moment’s notice.  Display: Our calendars are made for walls, desks, bulletin boards—you name it and we can put a calendar on it. Choose from hanging, adhesive, magnetic, or free-standing calendars in all sizes.  Finishes: We also have an array of paper options and finishes to make your calendar look professional and engaging. Choose from our variety of heavy-duty stocks and paper, as well as glossy or matte finishes. 

Why Choose Our Calendars? 

You may question the usefulness of a physical calendar in a digital world—why create a customized calendar when you can reach in your pocket and find one on your phone? One reason is that research shows that physically writing, rather than typing, exercises areas of your brain that process language, thinking, and memory. Writing, or even doodling, on a calendar can refresh your brain and make it easier to remember your schedule, as opposed to typing on a screen—physical calendars offer a chance to step away from the screen and use your brains to its full potential. Nancy Darling, a psychology professor at Oberlin College, explains the importance of writing vs. typing:
“One of the advantages of moving away from the keyboard and doing something that requires greater flexibility in how we use our hands is that it also requires greater brain flexibility in how we use our brains.”

We’re Here to Help

With so many options to make your calendar unique, the process may seem intimidating. Don’t stress—team members at AlphaGraphics in Rexburg, Idaho, are always on hand to help you with every design decision from graphics to finishes and everything in between. Don’t miss another event; request a free quote below, call us at (208) 356-0170 to create your custom calendar with us today.   [wpforms id="340" title="true"]

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