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Start Your Event Off Right With Custom Cards and Invitations

The AlphaGraphics Business Center in Rexburg, Idaho, offers outstanding and affordable solutions for your card and invitation needs. Invitations and cards for weddings, graduations, business events, birthdays and other events can be fun and informative and perfectly customized to any occasion.  No matter the occasion, our AlphaGraphics Business Center is here to carry you through the entire process from creation to distribution. We are excited to print and distribute your cards and invitations as a part of our full service, hassle-free solutions.   

Graduation Announcements

Graduation season is always near in Rexburg, Idaho. College and high school graduates are eager to reach this new milestone. Commemorate these exciting times with an announcement or party invitation; they are a spectacular way to share these special occasions with the people who matter. Include school colors and event details to show off your personality for a perfectly customized experience.   

Wedding and Anniversary Invitations

Every season is wedding season here in Rexburg, and we are always prepared to lighten the burden of wedding planning by offering you a wonderful array of wedding invitation solutions.  Whether your wedding takes place in Rexburg or is just being planned here, our AlphaGraphics Business Center is ready to produce elegant and personalized invitations for you.  AlphaGraphics can help you make an invitation that creates a lasting memory and feeling of excitement and romance. Invitations should evoke an emotional connection to the couple getting married. We don’t specialize in boring or generic invitations; we want you to have the invitation that perfectly encapsulates your personality and style.  Wedding invitations can become a piece of art. They are the first impression of your wedding and can help set expectations for your big day. Wedding planning can be stressful, but our team is available to make your invitation experience as stress-free as possible. From design to font choice to delivery, we are ready to make the experience fun.  Invitations for weddings are just the tip of the iceberg. AlphaGraphics in Rexburg can also help you with RSVP cards, personalized envelopes and return envelopes. After all the pieces are selected, our team is ready to package and mail each one with our mailing and fulfillment solutions.  Make the tasks leading up to the happiest day of your life easygoing and stress-free. Call us at (208) 356-0170 to talk to an AlphaGraphics team member today for help through the entire process.   

Cards for Your Business

AlphaGraphics in Rexburg, Idaho also specializes in card printing. Popular uses for cards in business life include:
  • Greeting cards 
  • Appointment reminders
  • Thank you cards
  • Promotional cards
  • Event invitations
  • Holiday cards
Whatever kind of card your business needs, we are here to provide those solutions for you. Many people don’t think about how special it is to receive mail nowadays. However, even with the rapid growth of technology and instant messaging, handwritten and sent cards are still a special and unique experience.  To personalize the experience for clients, insert their name and company information into variable data fields so you can easily incorporate them into the design. Cards are definitely an exceptional way to help solidify lasting business relationships and are the perfect way to remind clients about your company throughout the year. Cards create a connection. You can promote events, thank clients for participating, or send seasonal greeting cards to keep your company in the forefront of a client’s mind, even when you haven’t interacted in months. Put a face to your company with this unique personal touch.  Choose from our striking templates or use your own designs. Either way you are guaranteed a professional finish in no time at all. Team members are available to help you create designs and messaging to accompany them. 

Getting Started

Call us at (208) 356-0170 or request a quote below to get started today! [wpforms id="340" title="true"]

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