Kiosk Displays

Whether you’re providing relevant information to customers via a retail display, or marketing your brand at a trade show, kiosks are a versatile way to interact with your customers.

Kiosks for directions, multi-media, interaction & more

Made from a variety of sturdy, adaptable materials, kiosk display solutions from AlphaGraphics are a streamlined way to position your brand front and center while keeping your business's valuable marketing materials organized.

Give customers what they are looking for

The consumers of today want accurate, real-time facts about products and services before they make purchasing decisions. Many consumers rely on mobile devices to find information in-store or at events—but is there a better way? What if you could provide a visceral, informative experience for customers, on-site, without any risk of losing them to the online marketplace? A kiosk display might be the perfect fit for your business.

Kiosks deliver

Kiosks provide a multi-media experience for users through tablets, TVs, or computer screens. They also allow multiple display options like poster or sign holders and literature pockets. Kiosks create an interactive workspace for employees as well as a virtual product information brochure for customers.

Kiosk Options

Our kiosk assemblies are appealingly, modern, and extremely versatile. We can help you design the ideal setup for your space, objectives, and budget.

Consider adding:

  • Uprights
  • Shelves
  • Pocket arms
  • Graphics
  • Video brackets
  • Backlighting
  • Swiveling iPad holders

Consider a kiosk for:

  • Streamlining employee application processes
  • Patient self-service
  • Running educational programs (at museums, schools or trade shows)
  • Reservations and ticketing (for movies, hotels or events)
  • Product and service demonstrations
  • Data collection through surveys


Deliver a better experience to your customers in your store or at your event with professional kiosk displays from the experts at AlphaGraphics La Grange. We offer a wide range of services you’ll want to have at your fingertips when you create the perfect kiosk for your customers.


Whether you need a kiosk to highlight your new product, to showcase your services or just to make it easier for customers to check in, we’ve got your back. Kiosk displays can take many different forms but done thing they’re squarely aimed at is making a more convenient and streamlined experience for your customers.

When considering a kiosk in your business, keep in mind that it should focus on making things easier for your customer – not just for you. But they can also simplify and streamline your process – just make sure it’s good for your customers, too.

Here are some things to look for in a high-quality kiosk display:

  • Great design – it should match and coordinate with your company branding and other décor
  • Seamless function – your kiosk should be quick and easy to use so customers can get the maximum convenience from it
  • Thoughtful placement – keep your kiosk in a place that makes sense with the flow of your business or office
  • The right technology – your kiosk can be a simple product and information display or a full-fledged ordering system – choose what works for you

If you’re not totally sure on what you need for your kiosk displays, count on the professionals at AlphaGraphics to help every step of the way. We’ll support you from the design phase through installation.


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