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June Employee Spotlight - Scott Crawford

Scott Crawford Alphagraphics Kansas City is once again giving praise to another one of our team members. The Employee Spotlight for the month of June is our Graphic Designer – Scott Crawford. Scott has been with us for about four years and in that timeframe has brought a lot to the table. While self-proclaimed as, “the quiet guy in the corner”, Scott brings a lot of laughter to the mix. He’s a team player that everyone enjoys working with. Though we could say a lot about Scott’s work ethic and its importance to the team, what we find most astounding is his determination to create designs that the clients can be happy with. Prior to working for AGKC, Scott had a few interesting positions. One of which was a “cord puller” for the Seattle Seahawks. His assignment – to keep the head coach’s headset cords from getting tangled, or stepped on. Though it was a one time job, it was a notable position to remember. Scott found out about AlphaGraphics almost 15 years ago while working for Indox Services. Now that he’s a part of our team he enjoys how the position allows him to utilize the skills he was educated and trained on during his years in college. In fact, he enjoys it so much, he hopes to remain with the AGKC for the foreseeable future. Starting off in digital keyop and sales, Scott helped bring in new clients, including those he’d had a professional relationship with prior to joining AGKC. From there, Scott moved to design and large format color production, where he has taken on projects like vehicle wraps for Towner Communications and is currently helping the AlphaGraphics Kansas City team and clients to transition to an online ordering site referred to as agOnline. Outside of creating designs for clients on a daily basis, Scott goes home to his loving family. He has a wife, 2 children, 2 dogs (Murphy and Ralfie), and 2 cats (Eva and Lilo), all of which keep him pretty busy. After a long day in the office, Scott looks forward to a cold craft beer as he binge watches “The Walking Dead” with his wife. When he has time he enjoys sitting outside on his deck, listening to 80’s hairband music while the kids play Xbox. With advice like, “Be yourself” and “Take your mistakes and use them as learning opportunities”, Scott Crawford is a rising star with the skies as his limit. Self-described as respectful, earnest, and well-intentioned, Scott is a prime example of what we look for in our employees. He has come a long way from being the “cord puller” for the Seattle Seahawks, and we’re proud to say he’s part of the Alphagraphics Kansas City team. Join us in congratulating Scott Crawford on the outstanding job he does for AGKC. Congrats, and thanks Scott for all that you do. Keep up the great work!

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