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Kansas City’s Go-To for More Than Printing

5 Things You May Not Know AlphaGraphics Kansas City Does

There are print shops, and then there is AlphaGraphics Kansas City. We have been more than a printer since day one. Beyond high-quality printing, there is so much more to meeting our customers’ needs; we provide several services that you may not know about. After all, printing is just one aspect of marketing and the more complicated marketing gets, the easier you need it to be.
#1 - Signs & Car Wrapping Services
AlphaGraphics KC is your source for eye-catching signs that distinguish your business from others. Customized signs have been proven to not only significantly increase visits to your brick and mortar location, but also to build your brand's awareness. Our signs are perfect for events, street-level advertising or in-store displays. AlphaGraphics Kansas City can help you create cohesive signs that build your brand and make it memorable. We bring the benefit of experience so you’ll receive signs that work best based on your design needs, durability requirements, and intended usage. What about signs that move? Otherwise known as car wrapping! We do those too, from full car wraps to windshield and window lettering to half car wraps to car door signs. Car signs come in unique materials like matte, chrome, perforated, and other specialty vinyl, all designed for a high-impact message and a durable finish that’ll last for years to come. AlphaGraphics KC’s car, sign, and vehicle wrap services include graphic design, strategic messaging, custom layout for fit, advanced digital color printing and expert installation.  
#2 - Square Back Booklets (Looks Like Perfect Binding, but It’s Not!)

Square-back binding looks exactly like perfect binding except for the fact that square back booklets have two staples. Wow! That’s right. The ability to print on the spine, the stability of a saddle-stitched spine… and the sleek appearance of perfect binding – without the cost of perfect binding. Square back booklets are a game changer if you’ve always wanted any catalog or booklet that screams professional, but didn’t have the budget or time for it.

#3 - Direct Mail
What if a television commercial, digital ad, or radio spot spoke directly to you, even used your name, and appealed directly to your interests or issues? Pretty effective, right? Direct Mail works like that – and that’s why it works, even in a digital world. AlphaGraphics KC is your one source for everything you need to know about effectively adding direct mail to your marketing strategy. We’ve helped hundreds of local businesses with their direct mail campaigns, from design to lists then mailing, and we can help you get your campaign off the ground. Need help getting started on your next mailer? Check out our blog post: Direct Mail & Postage Guide  
#4 - Promotional Products
Promotional items are ubiquitous, and you have better things to do than spend time scouring catalogs and websites looking for the perfect promotional product. Let AlphaGraphics Kansas City help. We have more than 700,000 promotional products available from over 3,500 suppliers. Even better? To make your investment go further, we have a full line of promotional services, including custom printed promotional items, digital printing, brand development, and integrated marketing campaigns.
Learn more about how to get started using promotional products with our helpful tips.
#5 - Ordering Portals and Storefronts
There are so many problems that having an ordering portal and storefront solves. Through your portal and storefront, whomever you designate, wherever they are, can access your company-branded materials and order exactly what they need for fast delivery. No more ordering by the thousands to get a price break, because it’s print on demand. No more outdated materials, because you can update each on the fly when you order. No more wasted space housing your inventory. And it’s all supported by our amazing customer service team.

Bonus! Our NEW Ricoh 7210sx - Spot Finishing, Bigger Sheets, and More Paper Choices!    

Our newest digital color press gives you more options for print media thanks to the 7210sx’s 5th Color Station’s ability to print beyond the traditional CYMK. Want to print white or clear, you can do that!  Need to match a hard to hit spot color? You can do that too! For starters, we’re offering spot white, clear and neon-pink digital ink for specialty uses and spot UV enhancement. Plus this press expands our print ability on specialty and textured papers, and oversized sheets up to 27.5 inches.  

Next time you think you’re going to have to work with multiple vendors to get exactly what you need, talk to the AlphaGraphics Kansas City team first. Visit us at our downtown location, connect with us online or call us at (816) 842-4200 and talk to one of our experts today. You may be pleasantly surprised that we can be your one-stop shop for your printing, marketing and much more.


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