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8 Ways to Rethink Your Marketing Strategy in 2021

A new year is always a good time to get a fresh start. For businesses, 2020 was about reacting quickly, keeping employees safe, and trying to stay afloat. Though the pandemic is following us into 2021, you can prepare by building a marketing strategy that positions your business for long-term growth. Get ahead in 2021 with these eight tips for rethinking your marketing strategy. Get ahead in 2021 with these eight tips for rethinking your marketing strategy.

1. Apply What You Learned in 2020

Chances are your business had to pivot your marketing in response to the pandemic. Now is the time to analyze your results to understand what tactics worked best with your customers, then carry them through into your 2021 marketing strategy.

2. Refresh Your Branding

With all the uncertainty in 2020, your brand likely evolved to meet the challenges. Take time in 2021 to see if your branding still represents your values, business, and what you have to offer. Give your branding a refresh to help you reconnect with your audiences.

3. Revisit Your Target Audiences

Just as your branding may be due for a refresh, your customer base may have changed too. Perhaps you offered a new product or service that caters to an entirely different audience. Look at your sales data from 2020 and identify common characteristics among your top customers. Once you determine who your target audiences should be, you can customize your marketing strategy to speak to their values and interests.

4. Focus on Building Trust

Trust is the foundation of customer loyalty, and loyalty is essential for a business to succeed. That’s why in 2021, marketing efforts should be focused on building trust and strengthening relationships with your customers. Use content marketing to give your audience what they’re looking for. Relevant content will give your brand value and expertise, and give customers a reason to return again and again.

5. Personalize Your Campaigns

If your marketing messages aren’t relevant to the recipient, they are likely to be ignored or deleted. Using customer data to personalize your content is key to a successful, meaningful message. Here are some quick wins in personalization:
  • Align the messaging to your audience’s interests, values, and needs.
  • Use images that reflect who your audience is. Demographics are important, but remember to focus on other characteristics too, such as lifestyles, activities, and locations.
  • Make suggestions or recommendations based on past activity.
  • Visualize data in an infographic, like a customer’s history or involvement with your business over the past year.

6. Create Brand Experiences

There are so many ways to engage customers with your brand. Responding to comments and direct messages as well as using customer photos, reviews, and testimonials adds authenticity to your brand. Personalized packages or mailers to complement virtual initiatives fosters an engaged brand experience.
  • Develop interactive content that fosters engagement, such as videos, quizzes, or games.
  • Spark a conversation and empower users to respond through comments and direct messages.
  • Curate user-generated content to add authenticity to your brand, such as customer photos, reviews, and testimonials.
  • Go above and beyond expectations by sending personalized packages to complement your virtual initiatives.
  • Create immersive brand experiences with an experiential marketing approach.

7. Incorporate Print into Your Marketing Strategy

Print grabs attention and allows you to create memorable touchpoints in the customer journey. If you’ve been focusing your marketing efforts primarily on digital platforms, print can be a valuable partner with these efforts by driving traffic to your website and social media pages.  It also helps you sidestep the challenge of digital fatigue by reaching consumers in a different medium. Plus, print can bolster your digital marketing efforts by driving traffic to your website, social media pages, apps, or other online channels.

8. Ramp Up Your Online Presence

Your website is still one of your brand’s best marketing tools, it is where customers will go to learn more about your business and to make purchases. Make sure your customers can find it by regularly evaluating your SEO content. Make sure to update your content if your business has shifted during the pandemic to include any new products or services, updated hours or safety procedures.

Most of All, Stay Agile in 2021

While we’re all hoping for a return to normal life in 2021, we don’t know what’s going to happen. Make sure that any marketing strategy you put in place is still flexible, so your business can adapt quickly to unexpected changes.

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