Floor Decals and Graphics

Transform your floor with imaginative decals and graphics

Get people talking about your business!

Get people talking about your business with mind-blowing visual effects on the very floor they’re walking on!

Whether the surface is concrete, brick, carpet or wood, we have the floor graphics to stick to just about anything.

Put interior floor graphics to work for you

Some floor graphic options include:

  • Directional information
  • Specialty advertising
  • Safety or parking decals
  • Temporary promotions or events
  • Trade shows and conferences
  • Inspirational messages
  • Permanent retail branding
  • Welcoming guests

Our team of graphic designers and marketing experts can help you incorporate your company’s logo, mission statement, product offerings, and more into durable, full-color images custom cut to your floor’s dimensions.

Our floor graphics are:
  • Tear and scuff resistant
  • Designed to look amazing even in high traffic areas
  • Weather-proof
  • Available in temporary or permanent adhesives
  • High-quality black and white or bold full-color
  • Easy to adhere to virtually any surface

Whether you’re planning a massive annual sale, directing patrons to your new trade show booth (we create those, too), or are just looking to spice up your interior décor, our team has your floor covered.

AlphaGraphics offers advanced solutions for converting boring floors into eye-catching advertising for your brand. Contact us today to get started!


Getting attention and getting people to the right place can be a challenge at an event or in a business setting. Solve navigation and other issues with exterior floor decals and graphics from the signage experts at AlphaGraphics Las Vegas. We’re equipped to handle all the details and get you noticed. 


Floor graphics are an item that is easily taken for granted. But they can be very useful indoors and outdoors for helping traffic flow and showing people where they need to go. This is especially useful at events, trade shows or other locations where many people are present and may all need to go to different locations. Creativity, great design, targeted strategy, and high-quality production are the keys to successfully creating floor graphics that will impress customers.


AlphaGraphics is ready to help with all of these elements of great floor graphics. We offer end-to-end services that will give you a great experience. We offer:



When you’re ready to use floor graphics at your event in Vegas or need to put them around your retail location or warehouse, we’re ready with all the tools to get you the results you want. 


While the appeal of outdoor floor graphics may seem limited, they can be used in a wide variety of places and on many different surfaces depending on your needs. Exterior graphics are generally aimed at helping people navigate successfully to an indoor location or to guide them through an outdoor venue. Floor graphics are a great alternative to paint because they can be used temporarily just for your event. This way, you still have the benefits of graphics on the ground, but not the cleanup or hassle of removing permanent graphics.


Here are some options that will help you get the most from your exterior floor graphics:


Design – Bring your designs or have our professionals work with you to create the right look.

Material – We offer a variety of adhesive materials that can be placed on outdoor surfaces and rough surfaces so you can place graphics where they’ll make the biggest impact.

Printing – Choose full-color or black and white printing to fit your event materials and your budget. 

Choose The Local Experts - AlphaGraphics

When you want a result that is going to impress your customers, choose the local signs professionals at AlphaGraphics. Whether you’re coming to Las Vegas for an event or manage your business here, we’re ready to serve you with everything you need to pull off a great event.

Choose AlphaGraphics and come work with us today. To get started, you can request a free quote online, call us at (702) 798-7557 or visit our convenient business center location.

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