Personalized URLs

Personalized URLs enable you to convert more of your direct mail recipients into qualified prospects and valued customers.

PURLs make your marketing campaigns personal

Personalized URLs, or PURLs, are customized, fully-trackable web addresses unique to each individual you target with your direct marketing campaigns.

In today's world, organizations have the benefit of interacting with their customers in ways never before possible. In fact, companies ‘in the know’ engage in two-way conversations with their target audiences every day.

With personalized URLs and other interactive marketing efforts, you can actually make your communications exciting a

Using interactive technologies like personalized URLs to provide ultra-relevant communication lets people know you value them individually.

PURL marketing makes it possible to:
  • Improve response rates
  • Gather and update key consumer data
  • Track customer activity and preferences
  • Enhance marketing campaigns and messages
  • Measure campaign success
  • Connect with potential customers in a fun, interactive way interrupted by you, customers and prospects will actively seek to engage in a dialogue.

How do personalized URLs work?

Send direct mail piece or email containing a PURL and incentive to a targeted list.

Each recipient visits their personal web page to get more information, fill out a survey, or register for an event.

Data is collected for follow-up, lead generation, and prize delivery.

Common questions

How will it help my business?
Personalized URLs enable you to convert more of your direct mail recipients into qualified prospects and valued customers. As a result, you'll see more repeat clients, better ROI and gain valuable insights into what your audience wants.

Why choose AlphaGraphics?
Our marketing team is up-to-date with the latest marketing technologies, including the use of personalized URLs, QR codes, mobile websites and much more. This, paired with our expertise in direct marketing, makes AlphaGraphics the company businesses turn to for all of their marketing needs.

Personalized URLs In Las Vegas, NV

When you’re looking for a unique way to attract customers to your website look to AlphaGraphics Las Vegas for help with personalized URLs, also known as PURLs. We’re the local marketing experts and we’re ready to help you create the perfect experience for your customers.

Easy For Your Customers

Creating a simple experience for your customers can really go a long way in convincing them to work with you. And when you add personalization to the experience, you’re much more likely to make an impression that could lead to more business. Personalized URLs make it easy for customers to do a variety of online tasks, including:

  • Registering for events
  • Sending in quote or product requests
  • Accessing rewards or special promotions
  • Getting directions
  • Submitting forms
  • Cross-media marketing campaigns
  • And so much more!

Personalized URLs make it easy for your customers to interact with you on your website or microsite from a digital marketing piece or printed mailer or similar marketing effort.

Create A Dynamic Experience

Creating a dynamic experience for your customers is a great way to impress them and keep them asking for more. The more you can engage your customers on your website or social media platforms, the more information they can gather and the more they’ll learn about your business. The more they learn and understand your business, the more likely they are to purchase your products or services.

PURLs allow you to deliver specialized content to individuals, making it more likely that they’ll engage with it. This can be as simple as displaying their name on the website offer or as complex as customizing products offered on the site because of other information you have about them in your customer database – creating a fully custom experience.

Regardless of how you’ll be using PURLs in your marketing, you want the hand of an expert making sure everything is going to contribute to your marketing objectives. We’ve been creating dynamic marketing experiences for customers for many years and we’re here to help you.

Choose AlphaGraphics

When you’re ready to learn more or start using personalized URLs in your marketing and communications, contact the local design and marketing experts at AlphaGraphics in Las Vegas. Our experts are ready to help you create the perfect experience for your potential customers.

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