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How to Capitalize on Big Events and Holidays for Your Marketing Campaigns

As 2021 gets underway, event marketing can provide a great way to engage your customers throughout the year. Event marketing uses events and holidays like the Super Bowl or Valentine’s Day to help build your brand using your customers’ interests. Events reliably trigger consumers to buy certain products. For instance, people are likely to buy fresh limes for Cinco de Mayo, ground beef for the 4th of July, or candy for Valentine’s Day or Halloween. With a little research, events can trigger your target market to buy through discounts, marketing campaigns, special promotions, or package deals. Even the simplest event can be an excuse to have a sale!

Get Your Message Across in a Big Way

Go big when you do event marketing. Make it obvious that your business is celebrating a holiday or event and are having a sale as part of that celebration. Using exterior banners, flags, or sidewalk signs tells your customers you’re excited and reminds them to buy any items they’re going to need to celebrate too. In the store, large banners, table tents, and POS displays will highlight the right products and help drive sales.

Align Your Marketing Campaigns

Get maximum exposure by combining your onsite displays with a great marketing campaign to help drive traffic to your store. Based on your target market’s demographics, you can use a combination of print and digital marketing. Saturate a specific group with a targeted message in the weeks leading up to the event. Mailers and publications are good print marketing options, while email campaigns and social media ads are common digital platforms. Your marketing should start a few weeks before the event, and most importantly in the days right before to drive traffic as your customers are triggered to purchase. Tie in images and copy associated with the target event. For example, “Go Team!” and footballs for the Super Bowl or a heartfelt image and copy for Memorial Day.

Share Freebies and Promo Products

For a more personal touch, branded promotional products provide a way for you to engage your customers long after the event is over. The best gifts match your chosen event and will be used frequently long after the day has ended. For instance, a logoed travel mug for National Hot Tea Day will remind your customer of you as they use it long after the day has passed.

Tie in Charitable Giving With Event Marketing

Charitable giving tied to an event can be particularly powerful for your brand. By associating your brand with a charitable event, you drive sales while humanizing your brand. Meanwhile, this improves public opinion of your organization. Examples include volunteering as a group to clean up a park on Earth Day or donating a portion of all sales to a local rehab facility during Mental Health Awareness Month. In almost all cases, choosing a local facility that serves your target market will pack the most punch.

Big Events Mean Big Opportunities for Marketing

The most effective companies create their marketing calendar at the start of the year, which is now in January! Break out the calendar today, get your event lineup ready, and start planning your campaign strategies now so they’ll be ready to execute throughout the year. Make sure to use the big holidays, locally important events, and even a few wacky ones for fun.

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