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Hosting a Memorable Event with Unforgettable Awards

With decades of excellence, AlphaGraphics South Charlotte, a family-owned and operated print shop, is the perfect partner to help you host a memorable event with unforgettable awards. Recognizing achievements and celebrating success are  key facets of creating a positive, collaborative environment in various sectors. Through our clearly crafted and tastefully personalized awards, we help elevate business events into enduring memories. Learn more below, and contact us for marketing items for events today!

The Best Custom Awards

When planning an event, it's not just about booking the right venue, arranging for good food, or coordinating entertainment. The true soul of any celebratory business event lies in the awards. They are cherished tokens, physical representations of recognition and appreciation that leave an imperishable impact. AlphaGraphics South Charlotte extends its expertise to design and produce awards that illuminate the spirit and vision of your organization through our custom engraving services. Learn more today.

Personalized Designs

What sets us apart is the personal touch we bring to every award designed. Our team strategically collaborates with you to understand the unique characteristics of your organization and the nature of your event. Using this insight, we meticulously personalize each award or plaque to resonate with your brand identity and the essence of the event. The result is an elegant, powerful memento that carries a lasting value for the recipients. Get started with our marketing items for events today.

Variety of Options

Our expertise caters to a vast array of awards, from medals and trophies to plaques and certificates. Constructed from a variety of materials like crystal, glass, acrylic, and wood and armed with next-gen laser engraving technology, we offer a myriad of aesthetic and customization options. Each award we create is not just about aesthetic appeal, but also about detailed craftsmanship and quality that stands the test of time. Contact our family-owned print shop to learn more today.

Versatile Marketing Items for Events

Furthermore, AlphaGraphics South Charlotte understands the diverse facets of business events, be it an annual company gathering, achievement party, corporate anniversary, or a retirement occasion. We ensure versatility in our award offerings to harmoniously blend with your event's mood and objective. Whether you require a classy crystal trophy for the 'Employee of the Year' or an artistic acrylic plaque for a retiring stalwart, we create the perfect commemorative pieces to suit your event. Call today.


More than just the award, presentation also plays a significant role in leaving a lasting impression. To enhance the awarding experience, we offer luxurious award cases, specialized packaging, and custom certificates. These augments further spotlight the importance of the award, fostering a sense of pride and appreciation in recipients.

Comprehensive Marketing Packages

Hosting a memorable event doesn't end with the award presentation. Where most organizations fall short is documenting these significant moments. AlphaGraphics South Charlotte bridges this gap. With our comprehensive suite of marketing services, we help create impactful promotional campaigns—capturing these unforgettable moments and relaying them through various channels like print, email, social media, and more. This not only amplifies the recognition for the awardees but also reinforces your brand value among the audience.

Our Approach

As one of the leading names in the industry, AlphaGraphics South Charlotte ensures seamless execution from start to finish — from conceptualizing and designing to production, laser engraving, and delivery of awards — allowing you the freedom to focus on other critical aspects of your event. Our end-to-end service ensures perfection at every stage, making your event and your marketing items for your events truly memorable and impactful. 


AlphaGraphics South Charlotte is committed to transforming business events into unforgettable experiences. We understand the value of recognition and aim to help you celebrate success with awards and plaques that resonate with excellence and appreciation. Trust our family-owned print shop to enrich your business events with awards that honor achievements and create lasting memories. Get started today!

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