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Acrylic Sign Printing

Acrylic signs offer an affordable, high-tech, sophisticated look for your signage.

They’re made out of a versatile plastic that looks just like glass but weighs just a fraction. Acrylic signs are also very cost-effective and can give your office a modern look without breaking your budget. If you’re considering an acrylic sign, there are two main options that you should be aware of. Understanding the pros and cons of these options will enable you to choose the correct one for the needs of your business.

Which Side?

When you place your custom acrylic sign order with AlphaGraphics, you will be asked whether you’d like front or back side printing. Each option has its benefits and primary uses. You will also be asked how you would like to mount the sign. There are multiple mounting options that you can choose from.

Front Side Printing

Front side printing means that your text or design will be printed on the front side of the acrylic sign material. The ink will be then covered with a protective coating to prevent it from rubbing off easily. Printing on the front side of the sign will give your design a matte finish. If your business has a toned-down design, then a matte acrylic sign would complement the overall look and feel. This option is a little less expensive than back side printing due to the ease of construction. Backside printing requires a few more steps which can also add to the cost. The main drawback to front side printing is that the inks are not protected from damage. The protective coating will only preserve the ink to a point – contact with other objects could cause it to rub off. If the sign will be displayed in a high traffic area where people or objects could come into contact, it’s probably best to reconsider placement location or opt for back side printing.

Back Side Printing

Back Side printing is the opposite of front side printing. The ink is applied to the back of the acrylic piece. This gives off a glossy effect where you are looking through the custom cut acrylic piece to see the design that’s printed on the back. Back Side printing offers several advantages. Since it’s printed on the back, it’s less prone to accidental damage or vandalism. It can be easily cleaned if someone were to write on it and can be used as a whiteboard. This style of printing tends to cost a little more than front side because the ink is harder to apply. They’re also more challenging to keep clean because the acrylic material will attract fingerprints if mounted in an area where people can touch them (and they will!) If the sign is installed in an area that has a lot of bright lights, it could be hard to read from a distance due to the light reflecting off the glossy surface.

Acrylic Sign Printing Options

Acrylic Sign PrintingAcrylic sign printing can be highly customized to fit the needs of your business. While traditionally used as indoor signs, outdoor acrylic signs can also be constructed to be effective outdoors. It’s generally advised that you go with back side printing if the sign is going to be displayed outdoors. This will serve to lengthen its lifespan. At AlphaGraphics, we can create a custom backlit acrylic sign that will brighten and light up any area it’s mounted in. You can also have your lobby signs created out of acrylic. Some offices will go for a frosted acrylic look that mimics frosted glass, but without the added weight or extra cost.

Acrylic Sign Installation Options

When it comes time to mount your new acrylic sign, you have several options to choose from. You can have an offset look by attaching it on a small cylindrical metal post that will make the sign look like it’s floating in the air. Because acrylic is so light, you can easily mount it to the wall with double-sided sticky tape and not have to worry about it falling on someone and injuring them. The only limit to mounting an acrylic sign is your imagination!

Acrylic Sign Printing and Design in Raleigh

If you’re looking to get an acrylic sign printed, or you have more questions about the various options and finishes that can be added to an acrylic sign, you may email us or request a quote or call us at (919) 832-2828.  

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