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How to Create the Perfect Pocket Folder

Custom pocket folders are a great way to organize, collate, and distribute marketing materials or other information about your business or event.

Pocket folders are very popular in a wide variety of industries such as:
  • CPA’s (to hold prepared tax info)
  • Attorneys (client docs)
  • Business presentations
  • Investment prospectus
full colorTo make the biggest possible impact, you should take some time to carefully consider the design, look, feel, and functionality of the final product. A blank pocket folder with a plain white sticker that has your company/firm name and info won’t make as big of an impression as one that has business card slits, foil stamping, and is printed in full color. Here are five ways you can quickly add design elements that will help your presentation folders accurately reflect the professionalism of your company.

1. Paper Stock

You should carefully consider the kind of paper stock you choose for your pocket folders. For example, if you go with a gloss coated sheet, it can help showcase photographs and images. A dull, matte, or satin press sheet will give off the impression of a more low-key appearance which will help the reader read a large block of text. You’ll want to choose an appropriate paperweight. It’s generally recommended that you don’t go over 110# for the cover stock. However, for specific designs, a heavier stock might be more appropriate. From a psychological perspective, a heavier stock can give off the impression of seriousness and stability which will directly reflect your business. Just keep in mind that it will add actual physical weight to each folder.

2. Color, Images, Finishes

Once you have your paper chosen, it’s now time to figure out what colors and images you want to use. Folders are unique in that the pockets are on the same side as the front and back panels when they’re unfolded. The interior of the pocket folder will be printed on the opposite side of the sheet. This is so that they can be run through the digital printer.   For a stylish touch, you can opt for embossed or die-cut folders which will add a touch of class to the overall design. A coating can be added that can make the final product shiny, dull, or even add a UV-resistant finish to it. Whatever finish you choose, it should add to the overall design, not detract from it. Just because a glossy finish option is available, doesn’t mean it will work with your particular design. It’s best to upload your design via the Send a File page on the AlphaGraphics website. Our experts can take a look at the design and will be able to let you know if there might be any potential issues before the print job is run.

3. Business Card Slits

AlphaGraphics can add business card slits to the pocket on each folder. This is a great way to showcase the professionalism of your firm or business by adding a custom printed business card to each folder. If you’d rather not add a business card, you can get creative and add a raffle or drink ticket or anything that can be printed on a business card.

4. Add More Info

If you need all the space you can get to relay your information; you can always add a design, text, or info to the actual folders. This is an excellent place for a call-to-action to reside since it’s the first thing people see when they open the folder. Include contact, company, and “about us” information. This information can further solidify the marketing message. If you’re running a trade show or conference, you can add schedule info to the internal pockets which will help attendees navigate from room to room without pulling out all the papers to look for the schedule.

5. Other Considerations

The standard size of a pocket folder is 9” x 12” and that will accommodate an 8.5” x 11” insert. You can opt for other sizes if this is too small or big. There are several design options that you can choose from:
  •    Flat pockets
  •    Horizontal pockets
  •    Scalloped (curving) pockets
  •    Spine (a thick spine is created to reinforce the folder)
Before giving the go-ahead for the order, you should make a physical mock-up of the completed folder and add all relevant papers and info. It will let you know what the finished package will look like. It will also let you know if there could be any potential issues with the final product - such as it not being able to fit all of the paperwork/etc. that you intend to put inside.

Pocket Folder Design and Printing in Raleigh

If all these design tips have left you a bit confused, you can always have our resident design experts create the perfect pocket folder for your business or event. To learn more about how AlphaGraphics of Downtown Raleigh can produce and design your next project, you may email us or request a quote or call us at (919) 832-2828.  

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