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5 Ways to Integrate Print and Social Media Marketing

Have you given any consideration to what would happen if you were able to link your print and social media marketing efforts?

Although print and social media marketing are two completely different marketing methods, they share enough commonalities such that you should be looking at ways of integrating both for a more cohesive and seamless brand experience. We’ve come up with five ways you can integrate your social media and print marketing efforts to be better able to engage your customers:

1. Social and Print

Are you taking every opportunity to let your customers and clients know that you’re on social media? Adding your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram URL to your printed marketing collateral can very quickly get the word out and draw in new likes and followers. However, just listing your Facebook URL sometimes isn’t enough. You should be looking for reasons as to exactly why they should join your social network. Companies that engage in obvious and blatant self-promotion on social media are wasting their time. Nobody participates, nobody engages with the posts. Give people a reason to join your network. Do you offer tips and hints, contests, or special offers? Is the content you post to social media engaging your audience?

2. Consistency is Key

Make sure that you’re sending out the same message in social media as you are in print. Look at the message, voice, and ton of both your print and social media channels. Make sure what you see in print is the same thing you see in social media. If your social media game isn’t too strong, you can always find social media management help. By having a consistent message and look across all marketing channels (both online and off), you’ll prevent any confusion that could have arisen due to conflicting messages.

3. Take Online Offline

CopywriterHas someone recently left a good review of your business on Facebook? Get their permission and use their statement and name in your next print marketing campaign. If your Facebook page is short on positive reviews, you can offer a small discount or another incentive for people to review their last experience with your company. Having testimonials in your print marketing goes a long way in establishing trust. Taking that concept one level further, you can even hire a copywriter to create a case study or whitepaper based on the experience from a recent happy customer.

4. Facebook and Direct Mail

If you’ve used the paid ads feature of Facebook, you’re well aware of the powerful targeting tools that Facebook provides to advertisers.   By using social matching, Facebook will match your direct mail mailing list to their Facebook accounts. This way you can start marketing to the people you’re about to send a direct mail piece to. Run a few Facebook ads that slyly hint at “something big” coming in the mail. Whether it’s an offer or discount, people will see your ad on Facebook and then pay close attention when they find your direct mail piece in their home mailbox. The result is a very attentive audience who will more likely than not read your direct mail piece.

5. Turbocharge Your Direct Mail Efforts

Once your direct mail piece has been mailed out, that shouldn’t be the end of it. Reach out to everyone you sent a direct mail piece to on Facebook.   Use Facebook marketing and paid ads to remind people about your promotion after you’ve mailed it out. You can even engage in ad retargeting, and no matter where people go on the internet, they will most likely see your ad. Make sure your online Facebook ads closely mirror the look, feel, and tone of your printed direct mail for a more cohesive experience.

Social Media and Print Marketing in Raleigh

Online and offline advertising can and should be performed in conjunction where one supports the other and vice versa. If you need help with your print or social media marketing efforts, you may email us or request a quote or call us at (919) 832-2828.

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