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Fleet Vehicle Wraps

Does your business or organization have a fleet of vehicles that traverse city streets on a daily basis?

If so, have you ever given any thought to adding a vehicle wrap to every car, truck, or van in your fleet? The Media Buyer’s Guide recently reported that a single fleet vehicle that has undergone a vehicle wrap generates 16 million impressions annually. This means around 16 million people will view the wrap every year. Now multiply 16 million by however many vehicles are in your company fleet and you’ll instantly see why so many businesses are getting their fleets wrapped. We’re going to look at the benefits of wrapping your company vehicle fleet and what you need to know to take advantage of this ROI-generating form of outdoor advertising.

Why Wraps?

Aside from acting as rolling billboards that are turned “on” 24/7, a vehicle wrap will help to make your brand more cohesive. Put yourself in the shoes of one of your customers. Pretend for a minute that a plain white van pulled up to perform work, services, or deliver goods. There’s nothing on the side of the truck except for a worn down and faded magnet that lists the name of your business. Now picture a fully-wrapped vehicle in bright, vivid colors, with your brand and contact info printed clearly on the sides. When the customer sees that it gives off a more professional look and feel.


One of the biggest reasons that companies choose to wrap their entire vehicle fleets in the Raleigh area is due to the massive ROI realized over time. With ten fleet vehicles on the road for 10 hours a day, five days a week, that’s over a million potential people who have seen the car on the road. Nowhere else can you find an advertising opportunity that allows you to reach that many people for fractions of a penny on the dollar. If you park your fleet vehicles on one of the main thoroughfares throughout the city, the average daily impressions will go up ten-fold.

Prep Time

While we use sophisticated computers, vinyl, and printers, the cars we work on are still wrapped by hand.  On average, it can take anywhere from two to three days to fully prep and wrap a single vehicle. The actual amount of time spent will vary based on the complexity of the design. AlphaGraphics of Downtown Raleigh has the ability to efficiently wrap your entire fleet of vehicles. We normally ask for a couple of car/trucks at a time so that your entire fleet isn’t tied up in our garage. A partial vehicle wrap will take less time to install than a full one.

How to Track Sales

Most businesses usually see a spike in sales within the first month of wrapping their vehicle fleet. While we cannot make any guarantees one way or the other, it stands to reason that the more people who view your wrapped vehicle, the more sales and leads will come into your business. track sales onlineIf this isn’t good enough and you’re looking to really and truly track the ROI, you can get a custom number or pURL created. This way if someone is sitting behind your wrapped vehicle in traffic and decides to call for more information, your caller ID will clearly show they called the unique number that was on the side of the car.

Who Designs the Wrap?

We get this question from a lot of companies who are looking to wrap their fleet of vehicles. You can create the design yourself and send us the files, or our in-house graphic designers can handle the design for you. Although they are very eye-catching, you don’t need a full vehicle wrap to attract attention. Our expert graphic designers can create partial vehicle wraps that will make good use of the contours, lines, and other aspects of your company vehicles.

Fleet Vehicle Wraps in Raleigh

AlphaGraphics of Downtown Raleigh has been helping local businesses with their fleet vehicle wraps for many years. Our expert designers and installers will create the perfect vehicle wrap for your fleet that can drive both new traffic, leads, and sales. To learn more about how AlphaGraphics of Downtown Raleigh can produce and design your next project, you may email us or request a quote or call us at (919) 832-2828.

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