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Vehicle Graphics are Great for Marketing

When brainstorming marketing ideas, the AlphaGraphics team always looks for unique ways to showcase brand relevance throughout a variety of different mediums.

It’s always exciting to bring a concept to life, but it’s especially fun when it happens to be your own vehicle graphics project.   With any marketing project, it is important to create an emotional connection with the person viewing the piece, but that's not always easy to do. Everyone is different and communication isn't a "one size fits all". Through our experience working with businesses of all sizes, we've repeatedly seen that simple ideas are the ones that always resonate with an audience. That's why we love vehicle wraps and vehicle lettering. They are simple, provide a great return on investment and you are able to reach all types of demographics with a rolling billboard.

Look for Marketing Opportunities

It’s no secret that college basketball is emotionally charged, especially during March Madness in the Raleigh-Durham-Triangle area. Even if you don’t cheer for the Tar Heels, Wolfpack or Blue Devils, the Triangle is large enough that you see pretty much every college fan represented in the sport. As a printing and marketing company, we looked for a simple way to connect our brand to a relevant current event and that’s when the idea was born. We decided to turn our delivery box truck into a rolling tournament bracket, which partnered brand relevance with a very popular current event. [embed][/embed]

Vehicle Wraps in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill

Whether you have a car, truck or van, there is no better way to showcase branding and grab someone’s attention than to install a vehicle wrap with your branding. It’s especially fun to elevate simple graphics with effective content. Judging from the feedback on this project, we know it was a success and are looking for additional opportunities to do something like it in the future. When you're ready to get started with your next vehicle wrap or vehicle graphics project, give us a call at (919) 832-2828 or request a quote.

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