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The Power of a Customer Testimonial

Customer testimonials are a compelling and persuasive way of selling your products or services.

This is due to a psychological phenomenon called “social proof.” It states that people will copy the actions of others in an attempt to replicate their success or happiness.  If someone on Facebook buys a new car and starts telling their friends how amazing it is, there’s an excellent chance that one of them will buy one as well. Done correctly, social proof is one of the most potent sales techniques out there.

How Customer Testimonials Can Benefit Your Business

At their core, customer testimonials are a way for you to say to your customers: 
We’re a great business—but don’t take our word for it. Here’s what other people are saying about us.
Several studies on customer testimonials have found some powerful insights:
  • 84% of the people surveyed stated that they trust online customer reviews as much as they do a personal recommendation from a trusted peer.
  • 97% of B2B buyers reported that they trust consumer reviews more so than any other type of content.
  • Customer testimonials have received an 89% highest effectiveness rating compared to other types of content marketing.
  • 90% of the consumers surveyed responded that positive online reviews greatly influenced their buying decisions.
Customer testimonials can cause an indecisive customer to choose your company over another one. They’re able to read the experiences of other people who have used your products or services. The fact that reviews are unpaid gives them higher credibility than any other form of online advertising.

What’s in a Great Testimonial?

A great testimonial contains six different elements, each of which serves to help instill trust in the reader: Truth – A testimonial must be truthful. This means that a company cannot write fake reviews and post them online. In fact, doing so is illegal. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has cracked down recently on companies who partake in creating fake online testimonials. Natural Language – There’s a huge difference between the way humans speak to one another and the way a company promotes itself. The “corporate-speak” that’s so prevalent in advertising tends to turn people off. Reviews work best with a natural tone of voice. Originality – A testimonial that uses the same language or tone that’s found anywhere on the website of the company is not trustworthy. It needs to focus on the various benefits and problems that the product or service solved. Details – A testimonial that includes specific details is more relatable than one that simply says, “this company is great!” Ask your customers to leave reviews that have specific examples or information on how your product or service improved their lives. Conciseness – Nobody wants to read a 1,000-word testimonial. They should be short and to the point, focusing on specific examples. Visually Attractive – Images, videos, and other design elements help draw attention to the testimonial. They’re far superior to a plain-text testimonial.

Ways to Get Testimonials

[caption id="attachment_758" align="alignleft" width="200"]testimonials Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash[/caption] There are many different ways to get a customer testimonial. However, keep in mind that paying someone to review your product is illegal. The FTC has set up a web page that answers many of the questions businesses have about the legality of testimonials. Here are a few ways you can go about collecting a testimonial: Send out an email – Email your customers and ask them to provide a testimonial. The best time to request one is five to seven days after the purchase. In-store requests – Create a display that includes a printed card with the URL of your website. Place it near the cash register or in front of your store.  Customer survey – A customer survey is another excellent way of getting testimonials. You can use a paid tool such as Survey Monkey or a free one like Google Docs.

Marketing Experts in Downtown Raleigh

Customer testimonials have the power to persuade people to buy your products or services. They instill trust in the customer as they read about the experiences of a satisfied customer. If your business needs help with setting up a testimonial program, give us a call. At AlphaGraphics of Raleigh, we’re much more than a print shop. We’re also marketing experts who you can count on to help you when it comes time to market your business. To learn more about how AlphaGraphics of Downtown Raleigh can help with your content marketing needs, you may email us, request a quote or call us at (919) 832-2828.

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