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Raleigh local businesses have gone through a lot over the past year.

Raleigh local businesses have gone through a lot over the past year.

While some have closed their doors for good, many others have altered their marketing plans to adapt to the new environment. The more successful ones have focused on proven local marketing tactics, allowing them to keep their proverbial heads above water during these unprecedented times.  We want to share with you five ways to market locally and help drive new business through your front door. Keep in mind that what may work for one company might not necessarily work for yours.  If you have any lingering questions when you come to the end of the blog post, feel free to reach out to our marketing experts, who can help clarify any concepts or help you get started.

Select a Local Printer

While this may seem like a shameless plug on our part, it actually makes good sense. A local printer, such as AlphaGraphics of Raleigh, knows the local landscape and has helped many businesses just like yours over the years. They can provide invaluable advice and offer a far wider range of services. Now compare a local printer to a nameless, faceless, internet printing website. They have no idea what makes the local Raleigh market tick, they can’t offer any valuable advice, and good luck getting anyone to remember you. As the old saying goes, local business begets local customers.

Optimize Your Local SEO

Actively engaging in local SEO is critical if you want a steady stream of new customers. It not only allows your website a chance to rank higher in the local search results, but it also does wonders for your branding.  Consider someone who is inside their car looking for a service or product that your business provides. Chances are they will use their cell phone to perform a quick search. If your local SEO profile isn’t optimized and doesn’t answer a prospective customer’s questions, there’s an excellent chance they will go elsewhere. If you’d like to learn more about what exactly local SEO is and the various things you can do to optimize it, check out this blog post that we wrote last year.

Business Cards and Brochures

Printed marketing materials, such as business cards and brochures,  are far more effective than any online advertisement. Unlike a digital ad in Google or Facebook that exists only on a computer screen for a few seconds, printed marketing collateral is physical and tangible. There is an extremely good chance that those who receive your business cards and brochures will hang on and refer back to them in the future. Business cards can and should be so much more than your name, address, and phone number printed on generic card stock. They’re a chance to showcase the branding of your business along with your unique selling points. The more creative or unique your card is, the greater the possibility of someone hanging on to it.

Window Signs and Banners

Window signs and wall graphics provide you with an affordable way to dress up the plain windows and walls of your brick-and-mortar business. In addition to promoting your branding, you can inform local pedestrians and vehicle traffic of any sales or upcoming special events. Outdoor Banner RaleighOutdoor banners are a must-have for any Raleigh business looking to increase local foot traffic through their front doors. Due to their large physical size, banners allow for a greater number of people to view your marketing message. You can inform them that you’re open for business or promote a sale or event.

Direct Mail

Over the past few years, direct mail has seen a huge increase in popularity in Raleigh. Owing in part to the continued and astronomical cost of online advertising, many local businesses are using direct mail to reach a relatively untapped market. Thanks to such technology as QR Codes and pURLS, measuring and tracking the success rate of your direct mail campaigns has never been easier. You can also incorporate your company website to provide recipients with a seamless experience that adds value and allows you to continue the conversation online.

Marketing Help in Raleigh

Now is the time to focus a more significant portion of your budget on marketing to local customers. There is a wide range of options that can help drive new traffic through your front door and allow your business to weather any economic storm. At AlphaGraphics of Raleigh, we can help you design, create, and execute the perfect marketing plan. To learn more about how AlphaGraphics of Downtown Raleigh can help with your sign and marketing needs, you may email us, request a quote, or call us at (919) 832-2828.

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