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As North Carolina schools start reopening their doors to elementary, middle, and high school students, many Raleigh parents will have varying levels of comfort sending their child for in-person education.

As North Carolina schools start reopening their doors to elementary, middle, and high school students, many Raleigh parents will have varying levels of comfort sending their child for in-person education.

Fortunately, there are many things that Raleigh schools and teachers can do to help ensure the safest environment possible for the children. Read on to learn more about ten signage options that will help contribute to a safe and orderly school reopening.

Social Distancing Signs

Social Distance Floor GraphicsCOVID-19 social distancing signs are a MUST HAVE for any school reopening. They will remind both students, educators, administrative personnel, and visitors alike of the various social distancing policies each school has implemented. For example, you can use floor decals to promote one-way foot traffic throughout the hallways. This helps prevent kids from bunching up together in groups as they usually would. Vinyl stickers attached to the sides of school buses can also remind students to leave space between themselves when traveling to and from school.

Protective Shields

The challenge with reopening schools is that administrators and school personnel tend to work closely with children. This could present a slight infection risk. Acrylic protective shields are a great way to keep people and kids separated but still allow them to work together closely. You can install them on every desk in the administrative office and on the teacher’s desk in each classroom.

Gloves and Facemasks

Children will be children—and that means that one or more students will inevitably lose or forget to bring their facemask to school. You can help alleviate this problem by providing the administrative offices, nurses, and every single teacher with a box of facemasks and gloves to pass out in the classroom as needed. 

Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk signs are highly versatile, and you can place them almost anywhere on your campus. Many schools will have a magnetic, chalk, or dry-erase A-frame sign right by the front entrance to inform students, parents, and visitors of important news or information. You can also use them as a reminder that masks are required before setting foot on campus.

Vinyl Graphics

Keeping up with good hygiene is especially important to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19. You can add vinyl wall graphics to the sinks in every single student and faculty bathroom to remind people how to wash their hands properly.

Parking Lot Signs

Back in the pre-pandemic days, parents and children would often loiter in the parking lot. Exterior temporary signage can help direct traffic and designate safe areas where parents can park their cars or children can wait for parents to arrive. This will allow everyone to quickly and efficiently get from school to car and vice versa and reduce the chances of infections.

Outdoor Banners

There is a bit of a dynamic situation occurring with the pandemic. Many schools will start to change their rules and even make new ones as the months go by. Outdoor banners are an ideal way to communicate the latest information to both parents and students alike. Indoor banners are great for areas such as the gymnasium and other large buildings where children and faculty may gather. Kids being kids—you can never have too many reminders to keep your social distancing policies on the forefront of students’ minds.


You can place posters both out and inside classrooms that provide easy-to-follow social distancing rules for the children. They can also list various health and safety rules that will serve as a constant reminder to wear a mask and keep your distance from others.

Pole and Panel Signs

Pole and panel signs are a great way of announcing your school reopening to the community. They can also help improve the trust of parents as you promote a safe learning environment. It will also help instill a sense of school pride amongst the students when they see their mascot or school logo mounted high up on a pole.

Yard Signs

Yard signs make for great temporary signage that can direct vehicle traffic to designated passenger pickup locations or serve as wayfinding signage for students, faculty, and parents. Coroplast signs are made out of a rugged and durable plastic that can stand up to anything Mother Nature throws at it—and still look as good as the day you installed it.

School Reopening Signs in Raleigh

It will take some time, but eventually, things will return to normal in Raleigh. Until that day arrives, it’s essential to carefully consider the signage options your school will need to promote good hygiene, social distancing, and help ensure the safety of students, parents, and faculty members. At AlphaGraphics of Downtown Raleigh, we can provide you with ideas and services to assist with your office re-opening. To learn more about how AlphaGraphics of Downtown Raleigh can help with your sign and marketing needs, you may email us, request a quote, or call us at (919) 832-2828.

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