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Are you finding it challenging to dial in your email marketing campaigns?

Are you finding it challenging to dial in your email marketing campaigns?

If so, you’re not alone. Many Raleigh businesses struggle with improving their email marketing response rates. In addition to having a good list, persuasive copy, and offer, there are several other things that you may have overlooked. At AlphaGraphics of Raleigh, we’re not only a print shop; we’re also marketing experts. We’ve helped countless Raleigh businesses improve their email marketing response rates over the years and want to share 11 email optimization tips for your consideration:

Improve the Preview Line

Also known as the “preheader,” the preview line is just as important as your subject line. Many companies will ignore it entirely or write an extremely long one. The ideal character count for your preview line should be anywhere from 40-130 characters long. This will allow people on desktop and mobile phones to view it clearly.

Focus on Engagement

Far too many businesses think that “sales” is the most essential aspect of an email campaign. Perhaps this was true 15 years ago, but people nowadays have grown tired of blatant self-promotion emails. Instead, try to focus on building an authentic relationship with your email subscribers. Over time, you’ll see far greater returns than you ever would with a blatant sales email.

A/B Test Your Copy

One of the most effective ways to improve your response rates is to constantly A/B test your copy. Yes, this will require more upfront effort on your part—even if your gut feeling seems like the right way forward. You might be surprised once you start A/B testing your copy.

Cliffhanger Subject Lines

The subject line is often the first thing people see when they look at your email. Right then and there is where they will make a split-second decision whether to open or delete. Try using a cliffhanger subject line, such as: The best way to do ”X” is… or Save $100 with this One Little Trick… Yes, some people considered these subject lines as “clickbait,” and that’s ok—provided that your email copy delivers upon the promise made by the subject line.

Keep Your Subject Lines Short for Mobile

Project management SoftwareOver 50% of all email recipients open them on a mobile phone. As such, space is at a premium, and a subject line that reads well on a desktop will often get cut off on a mobile phone. To accomplish this, you’ll need to get creative. Using emojis, symbols, and numbers in your subject lines can dramatically shorten them for optimal reading on mobile phones.

Update Your Email Lists Regularly

Take the time to remove non-responsive or bad email addresses from your list regularly. This can help improve deliverability and prevent a bad reputation situation from occurring. 

Use an Employees Name in the Sender Field

You can file this one under “personalization tips.” Remove your company name from the sender field and instead replace it with you or an employee’s real name. This provides for a much more personalized and friendly look and feel and will allow the receiver to make a better connection.

Stats and Numbers in Your Subject Lines

Several studies indicate that using numbers or stats in your subject lines can increase open rates. For example, instead of using the word “Save Money!”, try using “Save 15% Now Through Friday!” Numbers are concrete and aren’t subject to interpretation.


“Stop shouting at me!”  Whether it’s a subject line or email copy, avoid using all caps as it makes the recipient feel like you’re an angry boss who’s yelling at them.

Keep Your Ego in Check

Avoid making the entire email about how great your company is. Nobody wants to hear that. Instead, devote a portion (or the entirety) of the email to talking about solving problems near and dear to the hearts of your readers. 

Less is More

Respect the time of your email recipients by keeping subject lines and content to a bare minim. An email is not the time to tell a long-winded story or anecdote. Keep your paragraphs to three sentences or less, sentences to under 20 words, and generally try to be as concise as possible. 

Email Marketing Help in Raleigh

If you would like your company website to drive more traffic, leads, and sales, give AlphaGraphics of Downtown Raleigh a call. We’re more than just a print shop—We’re also marketing experts and can help you set up, create, and track your next email marketing campaign.  To learn more about how AlphaGraphics of Downtown Raleigh can help with your sign and marketing needs, you may email us, request a quote, or call us at (919) 832-2828.

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