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How to Drive New Leads with QR Codes

Have you ever seen a tiny square that looks like a random bunch of black and white patterns? That's a QR code.

Marketers are using QR Codes with great success. For example, in Super Bowl 2022, the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase ran a 1-minute ad that featured nothing but a QR Code: When people pulled out their cell phone camera, it automatically opened a window that led them to the Coinbase website, where they saw an offer to sign up in exchange for $15 worth of free cryptocurrency. Needless to say, the promotion was so successful that it crashed the Coinbase website from the influx of new visitors. 

History of QR Codes

QR is short for “quick response” and is a type of matrix barcode (two-dimensional). It was invented back in 1994 by the Japanese automotive company Denso Wave. They initially used it to track automotive parts internally as it allowed their electronic scanners to read it quicker than a standard UPC barcode. It didn’t take long for marketers to catch wind of QR codes. Considering almost every person in the U.S. has a smartphone, it seemed like a natural way to get people to view a landing page or download an app. When someone scans the QR code with their cellphone camera, they’re instantly taken to either a website or an app store, depending on the preference of the marketer who created the QR code. This is the power of a QR code and how many businesses use it to drive new leads and sales. Read on to discover seven ways to drive new leads with a QR code. 

Business Cards

Add a QR code to your business card to allow people to discover more information about you. For example, if you’re a sales rep, you can create a landing page that people will be taken to when they scan the QR code on your business card.

Facebook and LinkedIn

Add a QR code to your Facebook or LinkedIn page. This will allow you to position yourself as a forward thinker, and it will help generate buzz for whatever you’re trying to promote.

In-Store Promotions

A great way to capture the name, email address, and other personal information of people who walk into your brick-and-mortar store is to set up a popup banner and add a QR code. It will take whoever scans it to a dedicated landing page with a contact form that will capture their information.

Conventions and Tradeshows

Promote your products and services on your tradeshow materials with a QR code. For example, if you’re demonstrating a new product, add several large QR codes to your tradeshow display, and people who scan it will go directly to the product page on your company website.


Add a QR code to printed t-shirts or jackets to quickly get the word out about your products, services, or organizations. Many charities will have t-shirts printed up with a QR code that leads to a donation page.

Museums and Galleries

Scan QR CodeQR codes make it very easy for the public to learn about new galleries and upcoming art shows. If you’re displaying an art piece, consider using a QR code instead of text printed on a card. This way, people won’t find themselves having to crowd around one another to read it.

Outdoor Banners

Outdoor banners are another great way to reach a large number of people. From Farmer’s Markets to little league baseball games, there’s a wide range of indoor and outdoor events that you can use to capture new leads and visitors.

How to Get Started

Let the expert marketers at AlphaGraphics of Raleigh help you get started driving new traffic and leads through QR codes. We can help you add them to a wide variety of printed marketing materials. We can also help you set up a landing page and contact form, so when someone clicks your QR code, you’ll be able to capture their name, email address, and other personal information.

Marketing Help in Raleigh

QR codes are great for bridging the gap between printed collateral, signage, and a digital landing page. Let the Marketing experts at AlphaGraphics of Raleigh help you get started driving new leads and sales with a QR code. Our expert in-house marketers will help you make the entire process quick and easy. At AlphaGraphics of Raleigh, we’re much more than a print shop—we’re also marketing experts who you can count on to help you when it comes time to market your business. To learn more about how AlphaGraphics of Downtown Raleigh can help with your content marketing needs, you may email us, request a quote, or call us at (919) 832-2828.

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