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Sign Shop and Marketing Help in Downtown Raleigh

Many schools in the USA use different types of signs, including LED signs, that allow the school's management to send out a message to the students and parents. 

These signs are not limited to any particular type of school, as you will likely see them in middle, elementary, and high schools. 

Here are some ideas to post on your school's outdoor signage

  1. General Information

You can provide general information through your outdoor signage. What you say can vary. For instance, you can add school guidelines to ensure students always remember them. Other details, such as upcoming sports events, exam dates, and general code of conduct, can also be displayed through the sign. 

  1. School Mission Statement

Every school has a particular statement, vision, motto, and values. A huge exterior sign in front of the school is one of the best locations to display this vision. If you have any specific mission statement related to a sports club, you can also display it on the sign. 

  1. Lesson Planning

Another efficient method of using digital signage is that you start displaying your lesson planning, homework schedule, and other essential study resources on it. Nowadays, interactive smart boards are ideal for facilitating teachers posting attractive graphics and showing 3D animations. 

  1. Daily or Weekly Mission

The benefit of having a digital sign in front of your school is that you can change it regularly. The principal or other administrator should decide on a daily or weekly schedule. Posting this agenda will help keep both students and parents informed of the goings on.

  1. Activity Calendar

Most schools have an annual calendar that details the major events planned in a school year. However, it is common for students and parents to forget about these events often. 

School management can help them keep up with the schedule by displaying the list of daily or monthly activities on the exterior signage. They can vary from specific sports events or other extracurricular activities.

  1. Exam Instructions

Posting exam-related instructions on the school board during and before the exams is essential to remind students of the regulations and inform parents about them. Keeping up with different exam rules and regulations can be difficult for some pupils, so it is better to display them so they can refer to them at any time. 

  1. Staff and Student Recognition

Recognizing the students and staff who are doing well is essential to motivate them and reward them for their hard work. One of the best ways to do it is by mentioning their name on the school sign and giving a shoutout to show recognition. 

The principal should consider naming the teacher of the month, and teachers can do the same with students. Ultimately, putting these names on the signs will encourage everyone at the school to work better and increase their productivity. 

  1. Quotes and Creative Questions

Critical thinking is a major part of any school. You can compel your students to challenge themselves and think critically about different topics and questions by placing them on the school signage. 

Moreover, these signs are an excellent way for you to inspire students. Schools can add inspirational and motivational quotes from historical figures or trending movies and series to catch their attention.  

  1. School Spirit

Using a school’s exterior sign to promote school spirit is an ideal for impressing the students and the parents. You can hire a professional designer to do it or ask the students to come up with some exciting ideas. In fact, you can also turn it into a healthy competition and help the students explore their creative side to design different types of stuff. 

  1. 10.School Features

You can use the school sign to list the salient features, such as the name of the sports clubs, details of the cafeteria, and other information that will attract attention from whoever passes by the school.

  1. 11.Emergency Messages

A significant benefit of digital signs is providing emergency messages to students, parents, and staff. Such statements can be related to many circumstances, such as school lockdowns, weather-related emergencies, health issues, fires, and many other emergencies that can arise in a school. 

Sign Shop and Marketing Help in Downtown Raleigh

The bottom line is that there are no hard-and-fast rules when adding a message to your school sign. There are many different ideas, quotes, and graphic content you can display on your outdoor sign.

Generally, you will find that the type of message you want to put on the school sign will be related to the 11 different ideas discussed above because they suit the overall school etiquette and environment. 

At AlphaGraphics of Downtown Raleigh, we will design and create signage that will allow your school to communicate effectively with students, parents, and staff. To learn more about how AlphaGraphics of Downtown Raleigh can help with your school signage needs, you may request a quote, email us, or call us at (919) 832-2828.

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