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Basic Banner Materials

Choosing the right banner material for your project can make a big difference on how long it will last. Let's take a look at three different material options:

Indoor Banners

The most common material used for banners is something called Scrim Vinyl. For indoor use, 13 oz scrim is recommend. It is lightweight yet sturdy and will hold up well for a long period of time.  

Outdoor Banners

The best option for a banner that will be outside, especially in windy areas, is a mesh banner. A mesh material will allow for wind to blow through the banner instead of against it like a sail on a boat. You might see where some banners have slits cut into the banner in attempt to allow wind through. This, however, is not recommended. While similar in theory, the slits are not reinforced like the mesh banner and will only weaken the material in the long run.

Double sided Banners

The best material for a double sided banner is 16 oz block out Scrim. The "block out" prevents the back side of the banner from bleeding through. It also adds extra thickness to the banner.   Need more information? Looking for a different type of banner? Check out our website or contact us!  

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