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Preparing for SXSW Part 2: Your Trade Show Checklist

We're getting really close to South by Southwest, that cavalcade of screenings, concerts, panels, expos and trade shows. Have you got everything you need in terms of print collateral and signage? While there's still a little time, here's a helpful list of items to check off your to-do list to ensure that you're ready for your moment in the SXSW spotlight. Retractable signs – Whether you're giving a speech or drawing eyes to your trade show booth, you'll want a retractable sign printed on high-quality vinyl. They're inviting, beautiful, durable, and easily portable. Wall-sized displays – Make every square inch of your trade show booth count. Suspend colorful wall-sized banners and stand-ups so guests will check you out before glancing at your competitors. Cards of all kinds – From sign-in cards and order forms to follow-up postcards, printed cards of various types are space-saving, easy to stack and arrange on tables, and even easier to slip into swag bags. Table banners – When you're setting up a display or panel for your business, make sure your table is doing its part to promote your brand. Vinyl table banners printed with your business name, logo, and slogans will make a statement even from the other side of a crowded hall. Agenda sheets – SXSW events can be chaotic, with thousands of people trying to figure out where they're supposed to be at any given time. You can make your corner of the event more streamlined an effective by handing out helpful sheets listing your program agenda, from scheduled panels and topics to speaker biographies. Media kits – Arm yourself with media kits containing company bios, press releases, and full-color catalogs alongside whatever other branded items you want to include. See something you forgot to take care of? Contact AlphaGraphics today and take advantage of our super-fast turnaround times!

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