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Thinking in 3D: Layered Signage Options for Your Organization

Your current signage offers bright colors, eye-catching fonts, and a compelling message.   So why does it still seem to be missing something? Perhaps that missing element is the third dimension. The human eye has the remarkable ability to perceive depth – and layered signage from AlphaGraphics US371 can can literally bring a new dimension to your brand, making your message pop like never before. Le's look at some the ways you can achieve this 3D effect: 3D designs on flat surfaces – We can create printed designs that fool the eye with drop-shadowing and other 3D effects, even though they're printed on flat surfaces. Layered printing on clear acrylic – By printing on both sides of a thick piece of clear acrylic, we can create a multi-dimensional effect that seems to pull the viewer into the design. Carved or molded lettering – Plastic, foam, metallic, or wooden block letters (depending on the emotional message you wish to convey) can be suspended in front of a backing banner, bare wall, desk or other structure. Studs, stand-offs, railings, brackets, and other fasteners provide the desired three-dimensional effect. Suspended or mounted graphics – Hanging your signage on a wall, or suspending it space, can compel attention and make optimal use of your environment. Arranging your signs at different heights and depths adds to the sense of spaciousness. That third dimension can lend depth to more than just your company name. You might use it to “throw” your logo toward your audience, make easier-to-read multilayered maps, or literally point visitors to your facility in the right direction. Why limit the range of your message to a mere two dimensions when our eyes can see in three? Visit our location today to see some these options for yourself, and let's discuss how we can give your marketing that extra layer of success!

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