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Which Vehicle Wrap Best Suits Your Business?

Few graphic displays get more eyes laid on them than vehicle wraps. These mobile billboards promote your products and services everywhere you go – provided, of course, that you do yours right. Let's look at some of the basic considerations. Amount of coverage – More is not always better in the world of vehicle wraps. If, say, you want to grab a casual, mainstream audience in a cute and fun manner, then by all means cover your entire vehicle. But if you need to make a quieter, more distinguished, or more official impression, you may simply want to partially wrap your front doors, the sides or rear of your vehicle, or maybe something on the hood, with the necessary signage. Color scheme – It may be tempting to cover your vehicle with a riot of bold, attention-getting colors, but make sure your actual company colors aren't drowned out in all the crosstalk. Let your industry and audience guide your color scheme. If you sell pool supplies, for example, a palette of blues and greens might make more sense than the full rainbow. If you sell ice pops or toddlers' toys, the opposite is more likely to hold true. Fonts and images – Since your “billboard” will be in motion, favoring large, simple, non-serif fonts will aid on the-road readability. As for images, think about what mood you want to convey. If you're a pest control company, you might want to shock your audience with a gigantic insect image; if you're a pet food company, images of happy puppies will appeal to pet owners. Whatever kind of vehicle wrap is most likely to wow your clientele, AlphaGraphics US371 can provide it. We've done everything from a small food truck, a small trailer wrap for a hunting show in San Antonio to a huge 40’ trailer for UT Austin. If you want to get noticed and get business, we'll help you wrap your target audience around your little finger!

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