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Riding the San Antonio Hiring Boom? Get Your Hiring and Training Materials Here!

A couple of years ago, Forbes ranked San Antonio as one of America's “Cities of the Future” – and that future since since manifested itself as a giant hiring boom in manufacturing, construction, and other fields. This economic growth, along with an influx of Millennials, means lots of job openings for lots of qualified job candidates. If you're one of the San Antonio businesses growing on pace with the city, you may have a lot of new hires to train and educate. AlphaGraphics can help smooth that process by serving as your source for high-quality hiring and training materials. What kinds of materials will you need to bring your new hires on board and get them up to speed as quickly and uniformly as possible? To start, you may need printed items such as: Manuals – Your new employees may require both general orientation manuals and more specifically-targeted manuals for individual departments, processes, or job descriptions. We can create and mass-produce these manuals for you, using a variety of attractive, durable paper, cover, and binding options. We can even add custom tabs for greater efficiency and ease of use. Supporting documents – Need worksheets, quiz pages, or other supplements to your training manuals? We can create and print these for you, too, in any quantity or frequency necessary. Training displays – If you're teaching classes of new hires, our large-format presentation signage and display materials can enhance your efforts. Electronic documentation – Our ability to provide training materials doesn't stop with print. We can also create electronic publications and data packages in CD, DVD, or flash-drive format. Best of all, you can order any customized training materials you need from us online. There's no faster, easier way to keep yourself ready for San Antonio's hiring bonanza. Contact us today and let's discuss your needs!

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