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Selling Senior Care? Do It With Direct Mail!

If you provide services for seniors, San Antonio is a great city in which to base your operations. Seniors have been flocking to Bexar County since 2010, attracted by the warm weather, friendly people, affordable cost of living, and thriving community of veterans. This significant segment of the population needs everything from medical products to assisted-living and nursing-home care. But how do you reach out to this target market? Direct mail is a tried-and-true method – and AlphaGraphics can help you get the best possible results from it. Direct mail makes great sense for marketing to the senior demographic, partly because seniors are naturally easier to reach through the “snail mail” methods they've been familiar with for decades than through email or online marketing. But be aware that the term “senior” may include multiple audiences. A 55-year old and a 70-year-old may have very different needs and respond to very different messaging, so try to narrow your demographic as precisely as possible when crafting your content. How do you connect with those specific groups of seniors? Start by mentioning specific historic milestones or cultural experiences that they remember and relate to. Emphasize value, a virtue that meant more in previous decades than in today's era of disposable products. Steer clear of “tech talk” or modern slang that might mean nothing to them. Last but not least, make your direct mail piece visually accessible to seniors. Use large fonts wherever possible, with bullets and other visual cues to guide the reader through the content. Our graphic design team at AlphaGraphics US371 can create a colorful, readable direct mail that suits your aging audience perfectly, from simple postcards and flyers to multi-fold brochures. Already have a print ready design and just want it in mailboxes fast, we are well known for printing and mailing with super quick turn times. Talk to us today about how we can help you connect with the seniors who need you!

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