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Introducing Our Newest Exciting Addition: ZUND!

ZUND! Even the name sounds exciting, doesn't it? Here at AlphaGraphics, we're excited to introduce the newest addition to our range of Austin printing and design equipment: the ZUND G3 digital cutting system. Once we've introduced you to the amazing abilities of this specialized piece of technology, we think you'll be pretty excited too, especially when you see what it can do for your own signage needs and goals. ZUND is a Swiss maker of digital cutting tools with an extensive line of equipment, and the G3 is an amazing example. This combination of flatbed cutter, router, and finishing table features intelligent control technology that allows us to automate our cutting processes with incredible precision. As a result, we can produce perfectly-shaped cut-out letters and wood engraving for outdoor or office lobby signage in a fraction of the time it used to take. (Check out this video of graphic signage elements being cut by hand to get an idea of just how much painstaking work normally goes into this process.) The ZUND G3 is a modular design that can be adjusted to cut many different kinds of materials with equal success. It can produce three-dimensional graphics in wood, foam core, acrylic, polypropylene, cardboard, vinyl, and even aluminum or stainless steel. What does this mean for you? For one thing, you can let your imagination run wild in your plans for indoor or outdoor three-dimensional signage. It also means that you can get that signage more quickly and efficiently than ever before, which in turn helps us control production costs and make sure you get your signage on time. [embed][/embed] Check out the ZUND G3's full range of capabilities and learn more about its potential. We'll be happy to give you an in-person tour of this amazing machinery – so come visit us!

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