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It's Never Too Early to Think About Your Holiday Card Design

Is it holiday time again already? Well, not according to the calendar – but in terms of preparing your holiday marketing push, it's time to start thinking about that festive time of year. Your customers are certainly thinking about their coveted Christmas vacations that allow them to get away from work and enjoy family time. But that also means that they won't be thinking about your business unless you send them the perfect holiday card. Our advice? Start thinking about your holiday card design now, with assistance from your expert Austin graphic design and printing team at AlphaGraphics. While a holiday card should convey visual cues that evoke the season, a generic collection of snowmen and candy canes won't do much to make your card convey your brand message. Fortunately, there's usually some way to incorporate your company colors into your design. Even more important is the inclusion of your brand logo. That extra visual cue will remind recipients of your organization even amidst the clutter of a card-filled mantlepiece. Personalized text is another important element of your company's holiday card. If you have a very small target audience, you might find the time to write these messages by hand. If that's not practical, choose a script-style font that looks convincingly handwritten. We can even scan your actual signature and print it on your card for an extra-realistic effect. Your text choices also influence the overall visual impact of your holiday card design. Choose easy-to-read sans-serif fonts, go with colors that complement the design scheme (while also offering bold contrast), and don't allow the text to get lost in a clutter of other images. Ready for some professional help in creating and printing your corporate holiday cards in Austin? Contact AlphaGraphics so our design team can help you enjoy a happier holiday!

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