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Introducing Our New AG Team Members!

We've always been proud of our distinguished AlphaGraphics team -- and we have some recent arrivals to introduce to you:   Elizabeth Cohen - Accounting

Elizabeth is equally gifted in both left-brained and right-brained talents. She is also equally experienced in accounting and interior design, with a gift for organizing chaos in ways that are aesthetically pleasing and financially sound. She finds this hugely beneficial for her AlphaGraphics work since business and design always intertwine -- and both are a huge part of AG’s dynamic. She is fond of kitties, champagne, the water, and riding her motorcycle. She aspires to plan and design multi-unit compounds (with herself as her own first customer.) If she could have one superpower it, would be the ability to fly.

  Sarah Smith – Assistant to the VP of Sales & Marketing

With her diverse background spanning sales, logistics, and creative delivery, Sarah can draw on all kinds of creative resources to find unique solutions to your needs. She assists the AG sales team with a diligent, keen eye, and a positive attitude. Her goal is to ensure your project is well-planned and exceptionally executed, both on time and within budget. In her spare time, she writes and practices martial arts. If she could pick one super power, it would be the ability to bend time.

  Danielle Poe – Central Austin Center Manager Danielle joins our team as the new Center Manager of our Midtown center. A graduate of The McCoy Business College at Texas State University, her schooling and years of printing industry experience make her an invaluable tool in our AlphaGraphics toolbox. When she's not working on process improvements or other key tasks, you might catch her at one of the many delicious area restaurants or hiking along the Austin Greenbelt. Given any super power, she would elect the power of flight so she could travel and see all the various wonders our world holds.

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