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Don't Let Your Marketing Suffer From Graphic Design “Epic Fails”

Suppose for a moment that your organization's marketing department turned out a graphic design worthy of these Hall of Shame entries:    There are so many ways to mess up a printed piece's graphic design that it isn't even funny. (Well, okay, it is funny, but not when it happens to you.) Breaking up words in the wrong places, placing images in the wrong part of the layout, unfortunate font choices, text that fades into the background to convey the wrong message -- there's a whole world of terrible graphic design out there, much of it perpetrated by businesses trying to save money by going the DIY route. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for: Now, you might be thinking, “I would never let my brand be damaged by that kind of terrible PR.” The problem is that graphic design projects can easily go astray. A typical catalog, one sheet, or brochure requires the seamless integration of a number of considerations -- from the initial creative concept and visual communication elements to the nuts and bolts of layout, binding, font selection, bleed-over (which ensures that the printed area extends all the way to the edge of the page), and accurate color reproduction. If you fall down on any of these points, your finished product may end up as a source of ridicule, not a genuinely effective marketing piece. By that point, you've wasted more time, money, and effort than you might expect -- and you still have to turn around and hire professional help to do it right. What's the answer? Outsource your custom graphic design needs to our brilliant team of experts at AlphaGraphics. We'll make sure that every aspect of your print marketing piece, from concept to execution, enhances your reputation instead of turning you into a laughingstock!

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