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Make Your Point With Event Banners and Banner Stands

We've posted before about the need for custom signs, creative promotional items, and other marketing materials in anticipation of SXSW -- but SXSW is just the tip of the Austin event iceberg. The Pecan Street Festival, Austin Marathon and Half Marathon, Formula One, and countless other events attract visitors representing every conceivable demographic and target market. If you're hoping to draw some of that attention your way, make your point with the aid of banners and banner stands from your friends here at AlphaGraphics. What kinds of banners are you likely to need in your quest to reel in the curious onlookers? Think of them in terms of their two primary applications: Outdoor banners to pull the traffic in -- Your visitors' first knowledge of your event may come in the form of outdoor banners strategically positioned to guide them toward the event site. Durable materials, large fonts, and brilliantly contrasting color schemes can attract eyeballs and convey the necessary location, dates, and times of your event. Since your ideal prospects may be entering town via major highways or other higher-speed roads, your outlying banners should limit themselves to brief messages in the largest possible font sizes. For the slower traffic of city streets, you can include more information and use smaller font sizes. Indoor banner stands to direct your attendees -- Once your outdoor banners have done the trick by getting people into your event site, it's up to your indoor banners to send them where they need to go. Large overhead vinyl banners do a great job of directing large masses of people through major areas of a venue. From there, a series of stand-up banners can route traffic to specific zones, and from those specific zones to specific rooms. Need to “banner up” for an upcoming event? Contact us and let's talk about it!

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