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Ideas for Eye-Catching Commercial Vehicle Fleet Wraps

Ideas for Eye-Catching Commercial Vehicle Fleet Wraps

Vehicle wraps allow businesses to advertise their goods and services in all sorts of creative and innovative ways. Here are a few ideas.

Innovative Uses for Vehicle Wraps

Businesses have been using vehicles to advertise products and services for as long as vehicles have existed. In modern times, the use of vehicles in marketing dates back at least more than a century.

Chocolate maker Milton Hershey reportedly bought one of the first cars in Pennsylvania in 1900 and used it to advertise his company’s products. Using adhesive vinyl for advertising on vehicles, as opposed to paint, first became common in the 1990s. New technologies and ideas allow for an ever-increasing number of ways companies can promote themselves while out on the road.

The following are a few ideas for companies with fleets of vehicles and products or services to sell.

Go for a metallic look

The first widespread use of vinyl vehicle wraps reportedly occurred in Germany in the 1990s. German law at the time required taxis to be a particular beige color. Adhesive vinyl had recently become affordable enough for regular business use. More to the point, wrapping a vehicle in vinyl had become cheaper than painting it. Taxi companies began using wraps to meet the beige color requirement. When they wanted to sell vehicles from their fleets, they could simply remove the wraps to reveal the original color.

Most vehicle wraps developed since the 90’s have focused on design elements besides the underlying color, such as text and graphics. They are not the only features to consider, though.

Vinyl materials are available that can change the color and finish of your company’s vehicles to something much more interesting than beige. Many vinyl wraps are now available that can give your fleet a metallic sheen that will catch people’s eyes even before they notice features like text or graphics. These wraps are less expensive and less permanent than metallic paint jobs.

Maximize the use of space

Most vehicle wraps focus primarily on delivering a concise message, giving much less regard to the shape and contours of the vehicle itself. A wrap might include a company or product logo along with contact information and other text. It can do so much more than that, though.

Vehicle wraps can turn a vehicle into a canvas on which you can express what your company is and what it stands for. Every surface can be part of the design, from the hood to the back bumper, and can include more than just text and logos. The windows can be fitted with perforated graphics, allowing for even more potential creative space on the vehicle.

Create illusions

Vehicle wraps with simple designs have become so common that many people might not even notice them anymore. A car, truck, or van with design elements like a company name, logo, and web address can blend in with every other vehicle on the road unless a person has a specific reason to notice it. You need something that will catch people’s eyes.

Using a wrap to create an illusion is one of the best ways to get people to notice your vehicles. Today’s printing technology offers more options than ever before. You can create the illusion of depth, such as a design that makes the flat surfaces of a vehicle look textured. A wrap can even use a vehicle’s actual motion on the road to create the illusion of other kinds of motion.

Don’t be afraid to be clever and creative

Humor is almost always a great way to capture people’s attention. A wrap with a clever or quirky interpretation of your company’s logo or brand, for example, can be far more memorable than one that is merely informative.

If you sell a product with a brand mascot, for example, don’t just put an image of the mascot on your vehicles. Try something more memorable than that. If your mascot is an eagle, see if you can use wraps to turn your vehicles into eagles.

AlphaGraphics provides start-to-finish vehicle wrap solutions

AlphaGraphics North Austin will not only print custom wraps with state-of-the-art machinery, but can assist with designing the graphics and actual installation. If you’re in search of a one-stop wrap shop for your fleet, let’s get in touch today.


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