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5 Ways to Transform your Business with Window, Wall, and Floor Graphics

5 Ways to Transform your Business with Window, Wall, and Floor Graphics

Window, wall, and floor graphics are great for promoting your next sale, but they can also be used for so much more. In addition to capturing the attention of passersby and building brand recognition, these graphics can provide a functional purpose to transform the experience of customers and employees.

Privacy and Safety

A variety of materials can be applied to your windows to enhance privacy, safety, and security. For example, within your building, frosted glass with your logo creates a professional, branded feel and makes it so you can’t see into a conference room or office, but light is still allowed to pass through. This is especially useful for corporate conference rooms and offices or medical offices or rooms.

Window graphics can advertise and provide security simultaneously. Perforated one-way window decals can be printed with vibrant colored graphics. These graphics are visible to passersby, but employees and customers can see outside, providing shade and privacy while sharing your business’ important message. 

Beyond privacy, window coverings can even physically protect your customers and employees from crime. Specialized window coverings can help hold window glass together during break-ins, crashes, gunshots, or vandalism.


Wayfinding is a common use of window, wall, and floor graphics to improve the customer experience. These graphics can be permanent to direct customers towards exits or restrooms or temporary to guide towards exhibits, sales, or featured products. These directionals are especially helpful in schools, museums, or retail stores.

Wayfinding signage can also identify spaces, differentiate departments, mark landmarks, or denote offices. Consider window, wall, and floor graphics in your corporate office that could make navigating the space more intuitive.

Finally, window, wall, and floor graphics can share information like amenities, hours of operation, or even regulatory or safety information. All of these types of wayfinding signage can improve user experience of your customers, efficient use of your employee’s time, and increased safety, security, and accessibility for all visitors.


It isn’t just kids who love drawing on the walls! Create an interactive space with your window, wall, and floor graphics. When you use certain material, window, wall and floor graphics can double as whiteboards or chalkboards for brainstorming, leaving notes, or even drawing.

These graphics can also add interest to the inside or outside of your building when used to share information. You could create a whole interactive tour with graphics that share timelines, photos, and infographics. Include QR codes that lead to audio or video supplements for more information. This is one easy way to share the history of your business or the story of your unique processes and make visiting your space a memorable experience. 

Decorate Vehicles

Window, wall, and floor graphics aren’t just for buildings. You can also decorate your vehicles with these graphics. Advertising on your vehicle is like using a moving billboard. It is just another way to reach new customers and increase brand awareness. Vehicle wraps also provide word-of-mouth advertising. When you are parked in a client’s parking lot or driveway, neighbors take notice. 

Graphics like these can be applied to a variety of materials. Even cement can be adorned with graphics. Think about the different assets your business owns and how window, wall, and floor graphics could apply branding to give everything a cohesive, professional feel.

Get Creative

The design you choose for your window, wall, and floor graphics can set you apart from your competition and attract passersby. But creativity doesn’t need to stop with design. Consider the materials you are using. Holographic, glow-in-the-dark, chrome, matte or reflective materials are perfect for events or to advertise a sale. 

Whether you’re looking to improve privacy or enhance your brand’s presence in the neighborhood, printed graphics create a more positive environment for your customers and employees. Think of your building or office space as valuable untapped advertising space that you can use to amplify your messaging. Window, wall, and floor graphics can be the solution that peaks curiosity, starts conversations, and eventually, drives conversions.

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