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Elevate Your Brand with an Unboxing Experience

Elevate Your Brand with an Unboxing Experience

The packaging that comes with your product is more than a vessel to take it from point A to point B. Consider iPhone boxes – people keep these around for years after they’ve purchased the phone. When you create a special packaging experience, you preview for customers what it will be like using your product. Plus, you create a positive interaction that will keep them coming back. Read on to learn some tips to create an Instagram-worthy unboxing experience:

1. Brand your box.

Enhance brand recognition by incorporating your brand colors and logo onto your packaging. This will make your package easily identifiable and create excitement for your customers when they receive it. When they see your package on their doorstep, there will be no question about who it’s from.

2. Tailor your packaging materials.

The materials you use for your packaging are a reflection of your brand and product. For instance, if you have an organic product, consider using eco-friendly materials and recycled paper as fillers. A luxury item may benefit from a soft-touch box and luxurious fabric, like velvet, on the inside. Tech products can be complemented with a glossy box and precise-cut foam for added protection. Use your packaging to give customers a glimpse of what they can expect when using your product. Above all, always prioritize the durability of your packaging to ensure it arrives intact. If your custom packaging is not sturdy enough, consider using a shipping box as well.

3. Include a handwritten note or coupon.

Strengthen your customer connections by adding an element of surprise-and-delight with a handwritten note thanking new or loyal customers. Add a personal touch by addressing your customers by their first name and signing off with your own name. To encourage repeat purchases, consider including a coupon as an incentive.

4. Integrate digital elements.

QR codes on packaging can be scanned to access additional content or engage with your brand beyond the unboxing experience. Consider your marketing goals and how QR codes can help you achieve them. By guiding customers to the digital world upon receiving your package, you’ll encourage them to take action online, whether that’s ordering a complementary product, watching related user generated content, following your brand on social media, or leaving a review.

5. Include a sample.

To cross-sell additional products, include a sample in your package. Or you can even partner with an adjacent, non-competing business to use their samples in your packages and vice-versa.

6. Use stickers or custom tape.

Think about all the materials you need for your packaging and get creative with branding them. Even the tape you use to seal boxes can be branded for overall awareness or to advertise a sale. As customers open your box, they’ll pay special attention to the tape. Stickers are also a fun tool to decorate your packaging, or include some unused stickers with your product so your customers can represent your brand on their water bottles or laptops. Let your market take pride in being a part of your brand family! Stickers are great word-of-mouth marketing pieces.

7. Use eco-friendly materials.

Consumers notice when brands make an effort to go green. If you want to keep your packaging minimal, let your customers know why. Use recycled material or reusable cloth for packing your items, as long as the product will still arrive safely. There are many ecological packaging options available for the green-minded business. QR codes, as mentioned above, are a great tool to reduce physical accompanying instructions or marketing materials.

8. Create custom wrapping paper.

If you’re providing gifts for employees or just want to spread holiday joy, consider custom wrapping paper for your packages! You can print images, graphics, or illustrations directly on your wrapping paper to add a fun Instagram-worthy element of surprise to your gifts.

Creating a special unboxing experience not only encourages interaction and a memorable experience with your customer base, but it could inspire them to share the experience with others on social media. This word-of-mouth advertising is one of the most trusted and effective. Think about how you can add special caring touches or elements of surprise to your next shipments.

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