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6 Reasons Direct Door Mailers Are Still Essential For Business

The Power Of Direct Door Mailers In Business

Out of all the forms of advertising—commercials, billboards, posters or online ads—direct door mailers are the only form of advertising where consumers physically interact with your message. They often ignore commercials, billboards, posters or online ads, but will read mailers. In this complicated world of advertising, here are 6 other reasons why direct door mailers are still important today:
  1. It’s Personable When a mailer includes the customer’s name and specific needs, the message has far greater impact. Simple, personal touches shows how your business understands them and how their needs can be met by your business.
  2. Tangible An intriguing direct mail piece will be given extra time and attention. According to the USPS Household Diary Study, 42% of recipients read and scan direct mail pieces. Even a short contact creates a lasting positive impression with the customer. This percentage of readership is much better than digital ads, which average a .14% click-through rate. Because customers are able to physically hold your message, a business-to-consumer connection is created, that cannot be replicated by online advertisements. Get creative! Mailers can be custom designed in different shapes, sizes and colors to get your customers interested and emotionally involved with your business and products. No longer are your messages restricted to a rectangular shape. Custom shapes help get more interaction, while further emphasizing your message.
  3. Man Opening MailBrand Awareness With digital ads popping up on every webpage, it can be difficult to capture a customer’s attention. Mailers, on the other hand, are distraction-free. Direct door mailers can be sent out to the target audience knowing there will be less fight for the customer’s attention. In addition, according to the Direct Marketing Association, 79% of consumers report opening all their postal mail, including junk mail.
  4. Targeted Reaching your target audience is crucial. You can create a highly targeted list of prospects at low cost with direct mailers. Thanks to research and USPS, your audience can be targeted based on behavior, demographics, geography and much more, making sure the direct door mailers are sent to the right people. Not only are businesses able to choose who the message is sent to, but also when the message will be sent. The result? Saving money without wasted circulation, as the targeted individuals are more likely to respond to what you have to offer.
  5. QR Code TrackingMetrics With direct mail comes the ability to track data to determine the success of the campaign. QR codes, coupons, or custom webpages can be printed directly on the mail pieces. By tracking the number of coupons that were redeemed, counting the visits to the custom webpages or tallying how many times the QR code was used, the success of the direct mail piece can easily be determined. With all of this data available, businesses can determine where improvements can be made in order to increase success in future advertising campaigns.
  6. Integration Direct door mailers can easily be paired with other forms of advertisements. By integrating them with online advertisements, commercials and social media, an effective campaign can be created and tracked. When integrated with these other media channels, direct mail better reaches the target audience and provides more data about the campaign.
Direct mail connects the digital and physical world, creating a strong brand experience. For consumers, direct mail is more personable by allowing them to hold the business’ message. For businesses, direct mailers are a great way to spread their message while tracking the success of the campaign. Contact one of our marketing specialists today so we can help you integrate direct door mailers in with your next marketing campaign. If you would like a quote for one of our products and services please click here.

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