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AlphaGraphics: Leading the Print Industry Into the Digital Future


AlphaGraphics is a unique business that has seen significant success in spite of the global movement toward all things digital. AlphaGraphics is a key player in the print industry by employing a unique franchising structure, utilizing innovative technology and unifying the powers of both print and digital materials for a one-of-a-kind viewing experience. In 1969, AlphaGraphics was founded by entrepreneur, Rodger Ford, in Tucson, Arizona, and began franchising in 1979. By the late 1980s, AlphaGraphics became the first U.S.-based printing franchise to expand internationally.

A Unique Take on Franchising and Scalability

Digital - AlphaGraphics Idaho Falls Store FrontToday, AlphaGraphics is a worldwide organization, with over 260 business centers spread across the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, China, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia, with over 3,900 employees. AlphaGraphics has expanded through the unique franchising and acquisitions methods of the AlphaGraphics Alliance Program. The AlphaGraphics Alliance Program brings in franchisees, in the form of investors or independent print shop owners. Then, the program helps the franchisee open a new business center or convert an existing print business into an AlphaGraphics business center. Once franchised, the Alliance Program works closely with franchisees in their efforts to maintain market share, and suggests scale-able expansion routes. Essentially, the Alliance Program is the franchisee’s best friend, making sure the franchise has the tools to be as successful as possible.

An Innovative Customer Experience Driven by Technology

Digital - Ordering Marketing Materials OnlineAlphaGraphics has broken down the barriers customers often encounter when working with a print shop. We have accomplished this improvement through our content and inventory management platform, agOnline. agOnline allows customers to design, order and manage their promotional and marketing materials; all without having to leave their home or office. The platform has saved customers thousands of dollars as they seek to minimize marketing material inventory, reduce costs and ensure consistency among their brand.

The Value of Print in a Digital Age

While more and more marketing materials go towards digital, printed material has been revitalized as a premium product. Prior to the digital age, print was the standard. Now, receiving tangible promotional and marketing materials is a fresh relief from the digital standard. People realize that the world is digitizing, but still crave a tangible connection to the world around them. Digital - Direct MailerAlphaGraphics understands that need for connectivity. Print can add significantly to a marketing campaign. We have rooted and grown the business around the print-digital relationship. Promotional and marketing campaigns using both digital and print materials find the more success than just digital. AlphaGraphics provides services to establish brand unity across digital and print delivery. We are dedicated to creating innovative solutions and utilizing cutting-edge technology to deliver the best product possible to the customer. Throughout our history, AlphaGraphics has shown time and again it has what it takes to stand the test of time. Give us a call at 801-653-2428 so we can help you GET NOTICED. GET BUSINESS.

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