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Why The Health Care Industry Became #3 In Using Promotional Products

How Promotional Products Help the Healthcare Industry

Promotional products are essential in the healthcare industry. These products keep customers informed and feeling good about their business. This is because promotional products aren’t simply a product bearing the company’s name and information. Instead, they reflect the company with a contextual association. If the product is highly functional, every time the user picks it up, they’ll be reminded of your company, and create a tangible connection. When selecting what promotional products to use, consider the challenges or desires of your company. What are you looking for? Whether the answer to this question is new clients, making existing clients happy, finding incentives for employees or all of the above, this understanding will help you to find and utilize the most effective promotional product for your business. In this article, the healthcare industry has been broken into three sub-categories: Hospitals and Doctor Offices, Dentists and Orthodontists, and Gyms and Physical Therapists. Within each category are promotional products and ideas as to best advertise.

First Aid Kit - Promotional ProductHospitals & Doctor’s Offices

Hospitals and doctor’s offices are important. Because of that, there are a lot of them. Using promotional products to advertise will give you an edge over your competitors. Options such as pens, pencils, lanyards, magnets, sticky notes, notepads and other office supplies are economical, useful and sought-after by customers. These items will be kept and seen by consumers often, some on a daily basis. Those with larger budgets can afford to be more creative: pill boxes, small first aid kits, hot/cold packs, hand sanitizers, lip balms, clipboards, and more. While more costly, these health items take longer to use up and are less likely to be thrown away, guaranteeing your logo will be seen for a long time.

Dental Kit - Promotional ProductDentists & Orthodontists

Imagine that you are leaving the dentist’s office, holding the standard ‘goody’ bag that is given to every patient. Without opening, you know the bag’s contents: dental floss, toothpaste, a toothbrush and, on occasion, a business card. While this may seem as a simple, friendly reminder about dental hygiene to patients, to dentists, this is a perfect advertising opportunity. The dentist’s logo and information can be printed right on the pack of floss or the handle on the toothbrush. Every time the customer raises the brush to brush their teeth, or opens the pack of floss, they are reminded about the business. Other options for promoting within the dental industry are lip balms, tooth-shaped magnets, tooth-shaped stress relievers and small toys for the children. The goal is to have customers instantly recalling your business and information the moment they lay eyes on the product. Tie the idea of well-being and your business to the product. These promotional products do more than help remind customers to brush their teeth; they represent and remind customers about you and your business.

Football - Promotional ProductGyms and Physical Therapists

Gyms, along with physical therapists, are memorable. With a simple design in the shape of dumbbells, the industry is instantly brought to mind. But along with memorability is the option of creativity. Promotional products for this industry can be anything involving physicality, such as water bottles, pedometers, frisbees, footballs, basketballs, sport bags, duffle bags, stress balls in different shapes, phone arm bands, sweat bands, yoga mats, T-shirts, hats and more. Not only will these promotional products advertise your business, they will also be useful for your clientele. As customers wear shirts bearing your company logo and slogan in public, they become a walking billboard. The same thing applies to hats, duffle bags, and sports balls; friends, family and the general public are exposed to your business. Promotional items are a great way to project a healthy image for your business. Remember to keep in mind the target audience while selecting promotional products. These products need to be useful, enjoyable and relevant. While some of these products will overlap in the various categories in this industry, depending on the owner’s preference and budget, they each send out a message. What will you say with yours? Contact us today to talk to one of our promotional product experts. We can help you decide on the best product for your budget. If you already have an idea for a promotional product click here to request a quote.

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