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The Many Types Of Decals And What To Use Them For

When you hear the word, “decal,” you may think of stickers or labels of some sort. Perhaps you might envision vinyl lettering used as classy décor for weddings, conferences and other events. Regardless of what you thought of, it’s helpful to understand what the uses of decals are and what types of decals are out there. Choosing a decal to represent your business can express a lot about your brand’s personality. Before we elaborate on the different types of decals available, it’s important for you to understand what a decal is in general. A decal can best be defined as, “a design prepared on special paper for transfer onto another surface.” As mentioned earlier, decals have a variety of uses—whether it be a decal that represents a business or décor for a formal event, decals can be very useful. In fact, there is an endless amount of possibilities on what you could use a decal for.

Types Of Decals

At AlphaGraphics in Lehi Utah, we are here to assist you regarding decals in any way we can. Some of our special decal services include:

Vehicle Decals

Using vehicle decals are a nice way to promote your brand, business, or services. Vehicle decals can be customized to whatever size, format, or color you desire for your marketing purposes.

Sheet fedCustom Decal Printing | Lehi, UT | AlphaGraphics

Sheet fed decals are typically used for delivery sheets, addresses, or product labels. If you’re interested in getting a decal for any of these things, sheet fed decals are probably your best option.

Roll fed

Roll fed decals are mainly utilized for shipping and labeling products quickly. This decal method is very efficient and very fast.


Decals that are weatherproof are neat, because they are water-resistant under every circumstance. These decals could be immersed in water and still maintain their quality.

Die cut

Die cuts can be fun to work with considering they can be printed in every shape and size. This type of decals can be bumper stickers or just stickers in general.

Custom Vinyl Lettering Decals | Lehi, UT | AlphaGraphicsWindow decals

These decals are made for window glass and are very well-known among businesses. Many business owners inquire about these because they take the business’s look to the next level.

Why should I get decals?

Decals are a great option to consider using for marketing purposes. Whatever design, sticker or vinyl you choose to print reflects your brand’s personality. The amount of possibilities of what you could use a decal for are endless, and we are here to help you figure out exactly which type of decal best suits you and your needs.

Getting Started

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