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Nothing Compares To Our Duplo Spot UV Machine

Duplo Spot UV

At the Lehi location, we are excited to announce that we now have the first Duplo Spot UV machine in Utah! While other printers may have something comparable, nothing comes close to what our Duplo Spot UV machine has to offer.

What Does A Duplo Spot UV Machine Do?

Duplo Spot UV Creates Texture | Lehi, UT | AlphaGraphicsA Duplo Spot UV machine can create texture and bring a whole new dynamic to printing. It has to be felt and seen to be fully experienced. It increases the value of prints with a visual impact. Spot UV coating adds depth and texture to print that can be touched and felt by creating thick, raised layers of ink. It layers on top of any other print so it can be used on any color or shape.

Who Should Use Our Duplo Spot UV Machine Options?

Make Your Business Cards Stand Out With The Duplo Spot UV | Lehi, UT | AlphaGraphicsThis option is for you if you want to do what it takes to make your business cards, flyers, or print stand out. This adds an extra embellishment to print that will make any potential clients or customers hang on to your card a little longer and make your business more memorable. It is in these small details that your business will stand out more than your competitors’.

Anything Else You Should Know About Our Spot UV Printing?

Create Variable Thickness With Duplo Spot UV | Lehi, UT | AlphaGraphicsWe can do variable thickness of Spot UV printing. You can choose how much texture to add to your print. We can UV coat in an area of up to 13 x 28 inches, so banner length media is an option. On top of it all, because this is all done in house, we can have this done for you FAST.

Getting Started

We invite you to come see our machine for yourself! Come feel and experience the new dynamic that Spot UV brings to print. Next time you order with us, ask your AlphaGraphics Representative for a sample! Call us at (801) 653-2428 or request a quote below to get started today! [wpforms id="290" title="true"]

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