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How To Display Your Photo Prints Like A Pro!

Displaying Professional Photo Prints

You have successfully printed your photos. Now what? To some, making photo prints match décor or remain consistent with a professional feel can be time consuming. Here at AlphaGraphics in Lehi, Utah, we don’t want you to dread the best part of the whole process. It may seem like your options never end, but there is freedom in how you can tackle the task of making your prints look flawless. The days of printing photos and forgetting about them in envelopes and boxes around the house are over. It is time to show off your prints with style, instead of leaving them on hard drives or in a “cloud.” Don’t underestimate the power and life your photos can bring into a room. We have developed a few strategies to replace your hesitations and help you present your prints with confidence.

Trust Your Instincts

You may think you don’t know where to start, but everyone has great ideas. By letting your ideas run wild, you can display photos in a unique way to give more taste to your room or office. What is a perfect print? Is it placed with perfect symmetry or with identical shapes and sizes? Whatever you decide, don’t be afraid to use your imagination and try something new.

Choose a Theme

Professionalism comes across more eloquently when there is a pattern involved. Those that have harmony and consistency can help your photos tell a story. Photo prints with a theme succeed in reflecting substantial work and personality. Letting your pictures speak for themselves is powerful, but imagine multiple photos that tell a story worth a million words.

Compliment Your Décor

Although you will fall in love with your photo prints, don’t forget about the middle child—your décor. A room is complete when furniture, colors and wall décor complement your display to achieve a distinct vibe and mood. If a professional look is your main goal, let your prints shine with the help of its surroundings.

Have Fun

Detailed planning might not be your first idea of what you want to do on a Saturday morning, but it can be fun if you let it. Knowing what the end goal is, you can channel your inner child to create a room that looks the particular way you want it to. Time and effort are definitely needed to produce a professional looking gallery, but why not look at the glass half-full and have some fun in the process? Grab a snack and start mapping out your dream room. Though it may seem intimidating, we aren’t going to let you go through this process alone. We have some advice to offer that will help you achieve a professional display for your photo prints.


Example of Photo Prints | American Fork, UT | AlphaGraphicsThere are almost an infinite variety of shapes, sizes and materials to choose from when it comes down to frames. By using the points above, having a theme and display in mind should help you narrow down your options. Decide which material, type, size and shape would best complement your photo. Don’t forget about the weight of a frame. For example, metal may be ideal for a lightweight alternative to wood.


The glass or acrylic sheet is what covers and protects your print. Didn’t know there was a difference? Acrylic glaze makes the print lightweight and shatter resistant. Although it may sound nearly perfect, a few negatives include becoming statically charged and susceptible to dust. Unlike glaze, glass is most common for its sleek look, but is far from shatter resistant.


A mat, a.k.a. mounting board, is the only component that physically attaches to the print and is one of the first steps in your display process. To keep your photo parallel to the wall, remember rigidity and quality of the mat material need to be taken into consideration. Choosing acid-free materials can also prolong the life of your picture. Some options include mat boards, foam core or gator board. Making your photo prints professional and displayed with style is possible as long as you summon your inner creativity. AlphaGraphics in Lehi, Utah, is here to help you with every step, including professional advice and options to make the most of your beautiful photo prints.  

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